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What to Do at the Weekend in Sonoma

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Allen Brown

Sonoma is a wonderful city in San Francisco Bay. It has a lot of interesting places there, making it special. Moreover, Sonoma is also the largest county in the neighborhood covering over 30 square miles. It is a perfect place to come for a weekend. For example, if you are a student, you won’t regret coming to hike through the local woods and to relax in Sonoma. However, don’t forget to check writing services reviews and entrust your academic assignments to professionals. That’s how you’ll have more time to rest with no worries.

Okay, if the decision is made, then pack your bag and come to Sonoma. However, this neighborhood has more than enough activities to offer regardless if you are one of the millions of tourists or a local. So, what to do in Sonoma at the weekend?

Cornerstone Sonoma: A Place Worth Visiting

The best recommendation one can give about Cornerstone Sonoma is to visit it even before coming to your rented hotel, hostel, or apartment. Cornerstone marketplace gardens are the embodied connection of art, nature, and architectural design. Additionally, it hosts the test gardens of Sunset magazine. You’ll definitely be happy to walk through the local greenery and art exhibitions available outdoors. Impressions are guaranteed!

Sonoma Coast: You Should See It at Least Once

The Pacific Ocean bordering Sonoma County on the west means the coast is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the view of endless water. This place is just unforgettable.

Additionally, tourists strictly recommend renting a car and devoting at least several hours to driving down the coast. That’s how you see the smaller towns located there on your way to the ocean. And yes, don’t forget to take a camera: pictures will be amazing!

There Are Places for Shopping

Those who enjoy shopping will be happy with the variety of possibilities offered at the local plaza. Sonoma Plaza offers the entire set of boutiques, brand clothing stores, shops for kids, specialty food to choose and buy, etc.

Food courts are also ready to accept you and your companions whenever you feel the hunger. The choice of restaurants and cafes here is more than satisfactory. Whenever you feel the wish for some wine, the well-developed wine industry of Sonoma has a plethora of high-quality wineries to visit.

Redwood Hiking: Perfect Active Rest

Part of the Redwoods can be seen in Sonoma. It’s about Armstrong Redwoods State Park, which is a fascinatingly magnificent forest. Local trees are just colossal in size, and the green panorama around will bring you the feeling of peace while hiking throughout the day, without a doubt.

Parking near the entrance is free, so you can just come and visit the park. Choose whatever suits you among a set of great trails. Tourists especially recommend the Pioneer Nature Trail. It’s 1.5 miles of pure nature and peacefulness. It’s okay if you want to train your body a bit by walking through the forest: just walk through several trails available one by one, and you’ll get exactly as tired and happy as you wanted to be when coming there.

Adventure Tour: Guided Rest

Going outdoors for an adventure is the perfect way to discover new sights for many travelers. If you are one of those, then the Getaway Adventures offering a bunch of tours around Sonoma is your perfect guide.

They can lead you through the already mentioned Redwoods hiking, kayaking on the coast, wine tasting tours, etc. Sonoma has a lot to offer, and you can try seeing it all within a single weekend with the use of guided tours.

Wine Tour: Obligation for Tourists

This is a must-do thing when you are in Sonoma for a weekend. The wine tasting was mentioned above far more than once, so you should organize a wine tasting session when you’re there.

Multiple wineries are ready to offer you tasting their wines in Sonoma. However, it is better not to drive a car yourself if you want to taste any drink containing alcohol. So, a wine tour is a perfect solution not only for a tourist that is lazy but for those thinking of their safety as well.

Spa: Relaxation to End the Day

The county has more than four dozen spas for you to visit. If you want to have a total relaxation period within your visit to Sonoma, choose whatever place you want: they all are great!

Here, you can go in for pool dipping, sauna, massage, and so on. Whatever you expect, local spas will give you much more. 


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