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 Best Ways to Ship Luxury Items

Posted on May 18, 2021 by Allen Brown

How to ship certain items depending on their size, density, and value. 

 Shipping items can be an exciting time in people’s lives. Whether it be sending gifts to loved ones or sending work to be evaluated, everyone does so at some stage. It can also cause some headaches and frustrations among some, however. There are a lot of questions you may need to ask yourself before shipping a valuable item. Will my package be safe? Could it receive any damage on the way, which hampers its quality? Is it safe from theft? Failure to address any of these potential issues could be very harmful to your item, which is why you should consider the following based on the product you are shipping.

Whether you’re moving home or sending to a friend, you should consider these aspects.  


Relocating a car can prove to be very difficult and complicated at times. It requires a lot of organization and time and is all-around just a messy situation. So, what is the best way to transport a car or vehicle? Well, auto transport companies have proven to be the best solution to this problem. They will take the wheel when it comes to the details of shipping your car, taking any problems that may come with it. They will be able to organize, deliver, and protect your car wherever it needs to go. Shipping a car from California to Washington has never been easier thanks to these companies and is certainly highly recommended for anyone sending or receiving a vehicle. 


Jewelry can often be very frail and hold high value, which means shipping can raise a lot of questions. After all, jewelry breaking or receiving damage is far too common not to take any cautious steps. So, what can you do to help protect your valuables? Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is package your items securely. You can do so by: 

  • Securing the jewelry into place
  • Fill the space with soft, absorbing materials
  • Secure the box completely
  • Add additional layers to the external packaging

Meanwhile, for larger pieces of luxury furniture, such as beds and couches, you may require some assistance. You must contact furniture shipping companies for this purpose.


Like jewelry, there isn’t a great amount you can do to protect your antiques rather than safe packaging. You can take the same steps as above to safely secure your antiques within the package. It’s also worth noting that you should wrap each individual item separately. Meaning each piece requires its own piece of bubble wrap or another protective packaging. Paying for tracking on your shipped products also benefits massively in terms of safety and security.  


Furniture is also a potentially tricky item to ship. For smaller items, such as tables and chairs, you can usually get away with taking care of that yourself. Just remember to separate any unique pieces and to wrap them individually. Meanwhile, for larger pieces of furniture, such as beds and couches, you may require some assistance. Thankfully, the likes of FedEx and UPS will be happy to help you ship and solve this problem.

Meanwhile, for larger pieces of luxury furniture, such as beds and couches, you may require some assistance.


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