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How Can You Play Online Slots on Your Mobile Phone?

Posted on June 14, 2021 by Allen Brown

One thing that made lengthy road trips and waiting time in the queue more bearable is definitely smartphones, or the game we can play on smartphones. It wasn’t long before people figured out that apps and mobile games can be very lucrative, and that pretty much anyone with an Android or iOS phone would be interested in downloading something. This is why a lot of online casinos are also mobile-friendly or have a mobile app. As you explore the world of mobile online slots, you may realize the potential in creating a gaming start-up; by considering LLC in Texas, you can kickstart your business journey in the thriving market of the Lone Star State.

How Can You Find a Good Online Casino?

Since gambling is a controversial topic, the chances of finding real money slots or pokies in a store that is also used by kids are slim. However, you can find real money pokies on casino sites or other sites that have casino applications. In other words, all you have to do is visit sites that rank online casinos or pokies, to make sure these are to be trusted and then visit those casino sites yourself. It’s either going to offer you to download the app or the site itself will be mobile-friendly.  

Ways to Play on Your Mobile Phone?

As mentioned there are basically two ways to play on your mobile. You can download the app if it is available or use a browser-based app that is mobile-friendly. Almost all of the popular mobile casinos Australia has to offer have a mobile-friendly design, so they are readily accessible to a wide player base. If you are playing to win money, you will also have to create an account on that gambling parlor, and deposit funds at some point. You are also likely to get extra bonus spins for registering on a smartphone. 

Playing in Your Browser

When you are playing via browser, you will always have to access the website first and most likely log in. Of course, before you decide to create an account a lot of browser-based casinos will allow you to practice the games and see what they are all about. This way you can see what design of slots or pokies, are more appealing on your mobile. Here are some elements to take into consideration:

  • Number of reels
  • Number of paylines
  • RTP
  • Scatter and Wild symbols
  • Winning multipliers 

Casino With Mobile App

Finally, there are online casinos all over the world, with their very own casino app for mobile. This means that once you download it, there is no need to access the site via browser. Bear in mind though that this does not necessarily mean a better experience, mainly because a lot of apps have ads that pop up whether you like it or not. Also, be very careful before downloading the app if it’s from an untrusted source.  


This was a quick recap on how to play slots on mobile. Hopefully, you will find a casino you like and enjoy differently-themed slot games. Make sure you put those free spins and bonuses to good use and play responsibly.  

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