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Practical Timeline To Follow As You Buy a House and Plan a Move

Posted on June 24, 2021 by Allen Brown

Moving to a new place is stressful because there are tons of things to consider. You’ll have a better shot at staying organized if you create a practical timeline at least eight weeks ahead of the exact date. Take a quick look at some of the tasks that should feature on your checklist. Cross them out as you go along, and you will find that the relocation process is smooth with a minimum amount of chaos.

Create a Folder for Documents and Notes

Create a folder for all the documents related to the move. You’ll also add lists where you can check off all the possible tasks that come to mind. Depending on the size of the new place, you’ll sort furniture and other items that will move with you and the ones to discard and donate. Check with friends and family for references of efficient long-distance moving service and note down their contact info. You’ll book their services around five weeks before the move. 

Collect Packaging Supplies and Medical Records

Around seven weeks before the move, you’ll collect packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape, markers, and boxes. This is a good time to contact your medical practitioner and get your records. If you have kids and pets, take them for checkups and make sure their vaccinations are up to date. Add the papers to the folder. Also, notify the kids’ school of the upcoming move and check for options at the new location. Your Oregon realtor will assist you with all the information you need.

Start Packing Non-Essential Items

By now, you’ve probably sorted items that you’re not likely to use in the four weeks leading up to the move. Start packing and labeling them. You could also consider liquidating the things you don’t need to get some extra cash for overhead expenses. You’ll also sort the fragile and hazardous objects with the assistance of the moving service. The crew will provide you advice on the best packaging methods to use.

Transfer or Terminate Utilities

Contact the utility companies and check with them about closing or transferring your utilities to the new location. Also, inform the apartment manager that you intend to terminate the lease. But, if you’ve finalized the sale of owned property, make sure the transfer deeds and other paperwork are in order. Save time by getting the documents notarized online. You’ll download the papers with the e-notary’s seal and add them to the folder. Having these tasks sorted two weeks before the move is always advisable.

Final Tasks

When you’re scrambling to sort hundreds of tasks, don’t forget to plan your meals so that you use up nearly all the food in the pantry and freezer. Donate what you cannot bring with you. Clean up your old home and dispose of cleaning materials responsibly. Empty and shut down the fridge and gather up valuables and important documents. Make sure to load the suitcase with essentials into your car. You’ll need them on arrival. 


You’re all set to build a new life in your new home. 


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