Sun on the Street: What’s up for summer?

Posted on July 17, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

What will you do this summer that you couldn’t do last year?


Nancy Murphy

It’s so great to be out shopping without a mask, and seeing people of all ages out and about. I look forward to going to the Film Festival in August. It’s been a spring tradition every year and was cancelled last year. “In the Heights” is playing right now and I intend to go see it. Basically I’m enjoying getting back to the things we all took for granted before, and to see more people.


Laura Benitez

I’ll celebrate summer by working part time, and going out with my friends and family. Things I’m looking forward to doing this year that I couldn’t do last year are going to the movie theater, going to the lake with the fam, and Sunday night barbecues with family! Just simply being outdoors as much as possible!


Richard Adam

I look forward to eating out safely indoors in restaurants, and getting out on the water more – doing water sports. Also having barbecues and getting together with friends, and being able to hug people.


Erin Nicholson

I’ll celebrate this summer by getting the most out of my driver’s license, and being able to catch up with friends. I don’t really care about going on big crazy adventures. Having the choice to hang out with friends feels really good and I’ll take advantage of that. Also making sure I get the most out of the independence I have now, preparing for senior year and going off to college.


Erwin Aguilar

The pool in my apartments just opened and so my brothers and sisters and I go swimming a lot. I also play a lot of games, and sometimes watch a movie. We might go camping.


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