Art beyond the ‘Stitches’

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun


The common thought about stitching is, it’s simply a way to mend a garment, sew a dress, or embroider a pillowcase, says Emily Marks. But the craft moves into the realm of art with the group show “Stitches: Outside the Lines.” The creative take on fiber art is on display now at the Sonoma Community Center. 

Marks is one of five local artists who pushes the boundaries of the techniques of “stitches,” creating unique works that stretch the medium in surprising ways. Elements of embroidery, crochet, knitting, twisting and weaving, and applique are all creatively explored.

Gold and Pearls Shoe, by Emily Marks, is stiffened gold cord crochet with added pearls and fabric rose.

The featured art in includes unique pieces by Emily Marks, who works with unusual materials such as video tape and paper from books, as well as work by Frances Arnold who employs linen, burlap, dyes and stitched designs in large scale. Telephone wire sculptures by Hella Merrill will be flanked by Janet McBeen’s manipulated wire scenes that cast shadows on walls.  And joining Lori Goldman’s exuberant hanging works of art are fashioned from new and used materials.

“After the Fire the Birds Still Sing” Wire drawing By Janet McBeen

In conjunction with the exhibit, which runs through September 28, artists Lori Goldman and Emily Marks will offer a one-day in-person workshop, entitled “Using Unusual Materials in Knitting and Crochet” on Saturday, September 18. 

The exhibition will take place in Gallery 212 at the Sonoma Community Center, 276 E Napa St. 707.938.4626.  



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