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How the Step N’ Sort is helping households lead a more sustainable life with efficient and affordable waste management solutions

Posted on October 6, 2021 by Allen Brown

We all know the impact our choices have on the environment. Our mission must be to waste less and help keep our planet healthy for generations to come. California is leading the way and as a community, we all understand that this change must start at home.  By separating and sorting our waste, we will help keep trash out of landfills which will in turn, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

For some households, the idea of separating and sorting trash can seem daunting. But a small family-run Canadian company has come up with a solution to help make this easier. Our friends to the North have been sorting their waste by organics, recyclables, and waste for years; and while each Province has their own municipal regulations, they have, for the most part, run a successful program nation-wide.

The Step N’ Sort has created a collection of multi-compartment trash and recycling bins designed to help you separate and sort your waste.  Officially designated as a member of the 2021 Report on Business of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, The Step N’ Sort has created solutions for almost every household to store, separate, and discard waste.

Available in multiple sizes and colors, the Step N’ Sort trash and recycling bins allow you to sort your waste in one attractive and convenient unit. Each unit comes with a What Goes Where pamphlet that helps explain how to separate organics, recyclables, and waste. They also include colored stickers that can be placed right on the pedals allowing everyone in the household to quickly identify and sort. Features include heavy-duty step pedals, slow close lids, side grips, and more. The Step N’ Sort is available in 2-compartments, or 3-compartments. 

All products are now available at Walmart with fast and free delivery.


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