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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Weed Online In Burnaby

Posted on October 7, 2021 by Allen Brown

Recreational marijuana use legalization in Canada was only the first step towards creating reasonable access for cannabis consumers. It took a pandemic for provincial authorities to allow private licensed weed dispensaries to sell weed online, although private delivery services were not yet legal. 

Thankfully, progressive provincial authorities like the British Columbia legalized cannabis delivery for good within their jurisdiction, diversifying weed shopping in Burnaby and other regions. However, some cannabis consumers have reservations about buying weed online. If you are such a consumer, below are five benefits cannabis consumers in Burnaby stand to gain when shopping for weed online.

1. Convenience

We are creatures of convenience. According to a consumer survey report, there’s a rapid increase in click-and-collect and doorstep delivery services globally. Online weed shopping means you can shop anywhere, anytime, and have weed delivery service providers bring your order to your desired address. 

Many users appreciate the convenience because life is full of unprecedented situations like medical emergencies or delays at work, impeding you from visiting your local dispensary. In such instances, you can order your favorite marijuana products online and pay for them when you get home. Online dispensaries also allow you to change your delivery address with each order so that you can conveniently enjoy weed away from home.

Most online cannabis dispensaries in Burnaby offer various delivery services, including same-day delivery, click-and-collect, and mail-order marijuana. The delivery options allow you to choose the ideal service for your prevailing circumstances. Therefore, if you would rather spend time relaxing at home than queuing at a brick-and-mortar dispensary, online weed shopping is the way to go.

2. Discretion

Despite cannabis being legal in Canada for three years now, society still holds hippie stereotypes against the herb. Consequently, they discriminate against cannabis consumers. If you are a private person ordering weed online accords you the privacy you desire. 

Furthermore, licensed cannabis dispensaries serving Burnaby must comply with federal law- Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The PIPEDA law is in place to prevent online vendors from collecting more information than necessary and compel them to secure customer data accordingly, limiting unauthorized access.

The privacy element extends from personal data protection to include measures taken to deliver cannabis discreetly. Online cannabis dispensaries must adhere to cannabis mailing requirements, including odorless, opaque packaging with no obvious cannabis symbolism. Therefore, you can buy weed online and receive your order without your neighbor knowing about it.

3. Product Variety

Due to limited storage capacity in brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries, it only makes sense that they prioritize shelf space for fast-moving products. So, if you are a person with unique tastes, you may not always find your desired product at your local cannabis dispensaries.

In contrast, online weed dispensaries have extensive product catalogs, including everything from cannabis buds, edibles, concentrates, vapes to CBD and magic mushrooms. They also stock hundreds of popular weed strains and products by notable cannabis brands. 

Wide product variety allows you to experiment with new products, refining your cannabis palate. While everything is done online, it doesn’t mean the quality of your weed products is compromised. Apart from internal quality control measures vendors put in place, there are guidelines from different cannabis bodies. Cannabis regulatory authorities stipulate product storage, inventory, and delivery guidelines that dispensaries should follow to preserve product integrity. 

Reputable weed delivery services in Burnaby have custom-built storage facilities securing the products from theft and other potential hazards. Additionally, weed deliveries must have tamper-evident seals to prevent swapping products during delivery. So, product quality and variety are two good reasons to shop for weed online.

4. Lower Prices

Brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries have high overhead costs, which they transfer to consumers through prices. In contrast, online dispensaries have lower operational costs, allowing them to offer consumers unbeatable prices.

Besides prices, online weed dispensaries and weed delivery services also offer consumers numerous money-saving deals. The deals range from coupons, welcome bonuses, total order discounts, free delivery, and complimentary gifts. 

Despite the deals above, some consumers believe that delivery fees nullify price gains for customers. However, you can lower the delivery fee by ordering weed from weed delivery services near you or taking advantage of free delivery promotions.

5. Excellent Customer Service and Consumer Education

Many cannabis consumers prefer the in-store shopping experience due to the highly knowledgeable budtenders serving nuggets of product education. In-store shopping also allows customers to interact and recommend products.

Online marijuana dispensaries recruit adept customer service teams and train each member on the associated benefits and expected effects of products in the store’s catalog. You can reach customer service during specified working hours via various channels, including live chats and email. 

They also offer many educative materials like blog posts and FAQ segments. Therefore, you will always get product information on-demand while shopping online.


Online marijuana shopping is a privilege, giving Burnaby cannabis consumers reasonable access to high-quality, tasty weed. So, if you are yet to shop for weed online in Burnaby, these five reasons should make you consider online dispensaries the next time you restock.



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