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5 Ways To Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

Posted on October 20, 2021 by Allen Brown

Flights are an unavoidable part of modern life. While some people are more seasoned and frequent travelers than others, comfort and enjoyment on a flight is always a matter of preparation and the right mindset. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your flight experience (without necessarily upgrading to first class) and make your flight an entertaining journey. 

  1. Be Comfy

Wear comfy, soft clothes when you have a flight so you are not stressing your body out more than it needs to be while traveling. Your shoes need to be comfortable too as traveling in heels may be glamorous but they will hurt a lot in a long flight. Furthermore, study the weather forecast of your destination so you can have appropriate clothing changes in your carry-on luggage. Since airplanes are meant to be freezing cold due to continuous air conditioning to recycle the cabin air, it’s a great idea to travel with some warm fuzzy socks as well as a woolen shawl so you don’t get too chilly. 

  1. Food Impacts Mood

Airlines are known for their less than perfect in-flight meal options. If you are trying to eat better for your health, pack an abundance of healthy snacks to munch on during the flight. Eating foods like nuts, seeds, and fruit also helps stabilize your mood because there are fewer sugar fluctuations so you’ll arrive feeling more refreshed. A tip to remember is to not pack food that has an overwhelming odor because, in a small airplane cabin, the smell wafts quickly to other people. 

  1. The Early Bird

Eliminate stress on the day you are flying by having everything in order beforehand and arriving a few hours early. This is especially helpful if you have any kind of health problems because the extra time is good for fitting into the routine you will follow for the duration of the flight. Not to mention arriving early at the airport increases your chances of switching out an uncomfortable seat for a more desirable one. Always try to get a seat in the front if possible so you are not continually disturbed by people going to the bathroom. 

  1. Eliminate Stress 

Flying can be a stressful and less comfortable experience for the body and some people are more susceptible to that effect than others. Use what makes you feel calm and relaxed whether it is aromatherapy roll-ons, a hot water bottle, a good book, a small massager, or even if it’s just taking an anti-nausea pill before takeoff. 

Eliminating stress is personal for everyone so know what works for you and be prepared. Investing in traveling neck pillows or good earplugs and eye masks also does wonders for your overall in-flight experience. If you prefer CBD oil or a similar product like weed to calm your senses you can ask the airline beforehand can you bring weed on a plane so there is no inconvenience later. 

  1. Hydrate Your Body And Skin 

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of being comfortable on a plane as any frequent flyer will tell you. Drink lots of water (avoid alcohol) and use a facial mist to hydrate your face. Using moisturizing serums and balms is also a good idea to keep your skin moisturized during a flight. If you want to know how many baubles for a 7ft tree you can search on it here


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