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Top 5 Most Popular Sports in California

Posted on October 21, 2021 by Allen Brown

The pandemic has been pretty long now and we do have more leisure than we used to. For sports fans, this should be heavenly. We have time to research, find out new arenas of sports, read about our favorite sports stars and what not! To cater all your interests, we present you with a wide section of sports news and stories. Our in-depth research will help you know about your favorite sport and sport star in an exciting way.

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Following are a list of 5 most popular sports in California:



Football is extremely popular throughout the US and of course California is no exception. It is in fact the most popular professional sport of America with seasons under the NFL or the National Football League. Four of these NFL teams are based in California. As per the approximate schedule- the preseason occurs in August, September houses the regular season lasting till December and the playoffs occur during January. Having completed a tenure of 20 years in St. Louis, The Rams had come back to Los Angeles in 2018. Intermittently, they played their home games at the LA Coliseum before the new stadium in Inglewood got completed in 2019. 


Baseball is also very popular in California and houses 5 of the teams in MLB or Major League Baseball. The regular season generally commences in the beginning of April and extends till the final week of September. The playoffs occur during October and the initial weeks of November. There are two important teams from the San Francisco Bay Area. Right at the heart of the city of San Francisco, on the edge of the bay- the San Francisco Giants play at AT&T Park. On the other hand, both the Oakland A’s and the Oakland Raiders play at the Coliseum. There are also two important teams located in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The Los Angeles Dodgers play at the Dodger Stadium which is located near Downtown, Los Angeles and the the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim which in turn is located near Disneyland in Orange County. 


America is one of the most hyped countries with basketball, especially with the NBA or the National Basketball Association. Now, 4 of the NBA teams again come from California. The regular season generally commences during the end of October and stretches all the way to the middle of April. Almost immediately, the playoffs start in mid-April and continue till the last week of June. Los Angeles is home to two important teams. These are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. Interestingly, both of these teams play in the same facility. This is the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Basketball is equally popular with both men and women’s teams!


Soccer again has both male and female teams and both are extremely popular with seasons under the MLS or the Major League Soccer. Two of the MLS teams come from California. The regular season of MLS generally commences in March and lasts till October with the playoffs stretching from October till the beginning of December. There are also special tournaments outside the format of the major MLS games which you should totally check. For example, there is the CONCACAF Champions League. Go through the schedule and check out what teams are playing! The San Jose Earthquakes play most of their matches at Buck Avaya Stadium in San Jose, though they play sometimes at the Levi’s Stadium which is located near Santa Clara.


The National Hockey League or the NHL is quite popular all over the US. Three of the NHL teams again come from California. The main season of the NHL generally commences in the beginning of October and lasts till the middle of April with the preseasons in September and playoffs between April to June. The San Jose Sharks play at the SAP Center. The Los Angeles Kings play at the Staples Center.

Currently, as many as 19 major professional sports franchises are based in California. It has the best athletic college teams in the whole of the US. There are seven major leagues extended through the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are twelve major league teams in the area of Greater Los Angeles. So, get your favorite home team tees out and go to cheer and have an exciting time ahead. 


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