Sandra Lowe is ready for the Sonoma City Council

Posted on October 27, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun
All votes in the November 2 election have yet to be cast and tallied, so it will be a while before Sandra Lowe can be seated as City Council’s newest member. Sandra is familiar to Council observers as the candidate who regularly takes time at the end of her busy day to attend Council meetings, in person or remotely, to immerse herself in the City’s business and matters of importance to those who live here.

So when it comes to the Three Essentials of Council service — (1) knowing what issues the City faces, (2) understanding concerns and aspirations of its residents, and (3) familiarity with the faces and workings of local government — she is immediately prepared to join her colleagues on the dais as an effective, contributing member.

While candidates often tout their experience in private business, our City is a public service enterprise.  Its focus is not on amassing private wealth and privilege but on the well-being of an entire community of some 11,000 souls — from the many living in modest homes and apartments to the few who would build their own Downton Abbey on Schocken Hill.

In addition to raising her family in Sonona, most of Sandra’s adult life has been spent in public service, as a dedicated teacher in our public schools and a former two-term trustee on our public school board.   In her work as a teachers’ union representative, strategist for the state’s Democratic Party and delegate to the Democratic National Committee, hers is a familiar name and face to key public officials in the county, Sacramento and beyond, whose work and influence is important if not critical to our city.

Of the three candidates now running for City Council, they will take her calls first.

— Bob Edwards, Sonoma 

Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA