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More Americans Are Betting Online 

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Allen Brown

The estimation of Americans who’ll place a wager on the 2021 NFL season is more than 40 million. This is a clear expression of a general tendency, where more and more Americans are betting on sports. Read more on how sports betting is taking America by storm here. 

Americans are taking a liking to online sports betting. It has never been easier to bet online, and statistics show that more Americans are using sports betting as an entertainment form. The estimate on the number of Americans that’ll be betting on the 2021 NFL season is no less than 45.2 million. This number is a clear result of the NFL embracing legalized sports betting in 2018.  

The law on gambling varies from state to state all over the country and is quite complicated. In California, the legal online gambling options are very limited but there are more opportunities to gamble in person. In other states, sports betting is getting highly popular and the numbers are increasing.  

More states are legalizing sports betting  

Many states have moved to legalize sports betting after the United States Supreme Court removed the ban on sports betting. Many states have now fully legalized sports betting. Some have legalized particular types of sports betting. One of the states where sports betting is fully legalized in New York. Another state where sports betting has been approved but is awaiting launch in Florida. You can read much more on betting in Florida at

This legalization in many states has meant that a lot of sports fans can finally bet on their favorite team. For many sports fans betting is a way to make a game even more exciting and a social activity that they share with others. Most bettors clearly express that they place bets on digital sabong because of the entertainment value, not purely to make money.

How about betting in California?  

At the moment sports betting is not legal here in California. It is a much-discussed topic though. In California, the online betting options right now are horse racing betting and fantasy sports betting. Although it is possible to do some in-person gambling here in the state. The legal gambling options are horse racetracks, card rooms, state lottery, and tribal casinos. So, if you like to gamble, there are more ways to do so in person. 

There is no way of saying when and if sports betting will become legal in California. As mentioned, it is much discussed, and a lot of people have strong opinions on betting and gambling activities. It seems that the state wants to legalize sports betting and a proposal is also on the table. This could make sports betting legal in California very soon. But there is no way of knowing how this will turn out yet. It will be possible to discuss this legalization in the 2022 elections, where it will certainly be an important topic. Stay updated on this and other important news right here



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