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How to Make Money as a Music Lover in Sonoma County

Posted on November 26, 2021 by Allen Brown

While it may be known for world-class vineyards and fantastically fresh produce, Sonoma County also has a thriving music scene to get behind, one that potentially poses many opportunities for aspiring artists. 

If you felt like you wanted to test your talent and monetize your love for all that is music, here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling along the valley. 

Master Your Craft

Making money as an upcoming musician is extremely difficult in today’s climate, even in places that boast impressive venues and events like Sonoma. Perhaps the first step towards finding more avenues for paid work is to master your craft, as this can unlock session gigs and might even net you a job performing regular studio work. 

This may even mean learning a brand-new instrument, one that is versatile yet fairly niche, like the saxophone. The sax is fairly easy to pick up, too – you can take a look at this article on how to master the basics. 

Learning to read music for a variety of instruments can also open up new possibilities, so do not hesitate to study the theory!

Source Grant Money

Earlier this year, the city of Santa Rosa was offering grant money as a form of musician relief. There will likely be more grant opportunities in the future, so it is worth keeping your eye out. 

Although this may not be enough to live on, it can sure help you get started, particularly if you need the extra funds to afford new equipment like instruments, software, or transport. 

You could also use this to support your advertising efforts. Musicians are made and broken by their reputation, but getting noticed in the first place is the hard part. Putting some cash into marketing yourself might be a good idea for anyone wishing to extend their professional reach. 

Teach Others Online

If you have a passion for music and feel as though you could flourish in a teaching role, you could always take to the online world and help support the next generation of musicians with your knowledge. 

There is decent money to be made as a freelance music tutor nowadays, particularly if you are able to establish yourself as a reliable expert in the field. 

Ask Around at Local Venues

There is no shortage of venues hosting live music in Sonoma County, so now might be the time to start asking around for some slots. Aside from some great dedicated concert venues, many bars and taverns regularly host live music. It is likely worth taking a look at the long list of options to figure out whether or not there could be an opening for you. 

Live Streams 

It may not be a secure way to make money, live streaming a few solo gigs from the comfort of your living room can help you build up to that in the future. Many musicians regularly take to Twitch and Instagram to serenade their fans on a regular basis, so it may be a good consideration for you. 


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