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5 steps of how to choose and wear an N95 mask in public

Posted on December 16, 2021 by Allen Brown

To make sure that you keep yourself and others in your local community safe, you need to learn how to choose the best N95 mask and how to wear it in public. If you choose to wear a mask – but it is a homemade mask that doesn’t have the proper filtration properties – then this can render it virtually useless. Not to mention, if you are using a homemade mask that you are constantly touching every few minutes, this can spread bacteria even more than if you are not wearing a mask at all.

Prevent this from happening by choosing the best N95 mask to wear daily. Although you might think that the days of the deadly pandemic are behind us, we are still dealing with some unvaccinated people, those who do not believe in the virus, and the booster shots coming up at the 6-month mark. To avoid anyone from getting sick in the upcoming flu season, consider wearing your N95 mask in public and crowded spaces to keep yourself and others protected – especially the most vulnerable people!

But how can you choose the best N95 mask for you to wear? How do you safely wear it in public? Click here to check out a few tips and tricks that you can refer to when it comes to using your N95 mask in everyday life.

  • How can I choose the best N95 mask to wear? One of the most effective ways to choose an N95 mask that can protect yourself and others from airborne particles is by selecting an option that has been approved by the FDA. The FDA is the governing body that is in charge of choosing what masks are acceptable for use in medical-grade facilities and in everyday use. Although the Kn95 masks are the most effective at filtering particles out of the air for medical use, using the N95 mask in everyday society typically does enough to keep yourself and others safe. 


  • How do I wear the N95 mask? The next tip to keep in mind is to apply the n95 mask properly. Try to avoid stretching out the mask and causing gaps to form between the mask and your skin. You want to make sure the mask covers both your mouth and your nose so you can avoid any particles escaping from your nose while you sneeze or your mouth while you talk. Lastly, ensure the mask is not too big and does not slide down during use. 


  • Wash or buy new masks – Some people try to reuse their masks too often – if this is the case, it ends up growing bacteria and becomes less effective. Purchase a new N95 mask every so often so you can stay hygienic and protected. 


  • Avoid touching it – The fourth tip to keep in mind when purchasing and using the N95 mask in public is to avoid touching it with your hands every few minutes, since your hands might be infected and dirty.


  • Read the FDA guidelines – The last tip to keep in mind when selecting N95 mask wear is to only choose options that are approved by the FDA. stay up to date with the FDA guideline to see when to wear a mask, what mask to use, and what N95 masks are acceptable for everyday use.


To keep yourself and others safe during the last few months of this pandemic – hopefully – we need to stay vigilant with vaccinations, social distancing, and wearing masks. Learning how to choose and wear N95 masks is key to being able to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy!


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