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How To Survive College Winter Break At Home

Posted on December 23, 2021 by Allen Brown

After a busy semester, being able to unwind and enjoy some free time is crucial for your physical and mental health. Seeing family and school friends is a vital part of every winter break, but the euphoria of doing all you want soon fades away and turns into boredom. To help you survive this period, here are a few tips on how to survive college winter break at home. 

The End of the Semester 

Finals can be draining, and you may feel that you lack the energy to push through, especially if you’re trying to survive the freshman year. However, the thought of not having a worry in the world should guide you as you pass one exam after another. Use the time productively, as the winter break is time for you to rest and enjoy the time with your family. 

Tips on How to Survive the Winter Break 

–Catch Up on Your Sleep 

The winter break is the perfect time to catch up on some sleep. As so many college students know, being sleep-deprived leaves you a grumpy person, so use the chance you have now to give your body and your mind the rest you need. Sleep as much as you want for one week, and then start setting the alarm and regulating your sleep by doing so. 

–Work on Your Diet 

Sure, holidays are the time to eat and drink and do everything you could not do back in college. Mom cooks and dad supplies the wine – what better can you ask for. However, it would help if you also used your chance to refill your batteries and enjoy healthy foods and regular meals. This will give you more energy and keep you healthy in the upcoming semester. Noodles taste good, but this is where the story ends. 

–Enjoy Family Time 

Being away from your family for a long time can be both an exciting and a draining experience. Being busy all day long makes you forget to call your important ones, and over time, you may even start forgetting important dates and birthdays. Use the time you have now to enjoy quality family time and put your phone down for a while. Your friends are important, but they can wait until later in the evening. 

–Reconnect With the Community

Being away for a long time can make you forget about all the little things you enjoy in your hometown. Dear faces you grew up with and those select markets around Christmas and New Year’s Eve are what you need after a long semester in a cold University building. Spend your winter holidays enjoying these events and reconnect with the community you grew up in. 

–Make a Summary of the Year Behind You

A lot can happen in a year. So much that we tend to forget a lot of it. Use the quiet time you have in your home to revise the year. Take your calendar and your to-do lists and planners and go through them. Take notes of any memorable events or life milestones that you’ve made and enjoy the progress you were making towards the image of what you would like to become. 

–Make Plans for the Upcoming Year 

Reflecting on the past year is one thing, but considering things that you want or should do in the following year can also be quite helpful. Sit down with a piece of paper and take notes of all the plans you would like to achieve in the upcoming year. If you have ambitious college plans, you can always use dissertation help to keep pushing. Learn that a lot of the plans coming true are a matter of optimization and delegation. 

Do a Part of Your Reading for the Upcoming Semester 

Sure, you just got back from college, and you do not want to study. However, being responsible and doing a bit of reading daily can save you a lot of work in the long run. Check out the books you need to read for your next literature course. Watch their movie remakes on Netflix and enjoy while doing so. 

Final Considerations 

The winter break can be a hard time to survive. Once you get used to the pace of life on a college campus, it can be difficult to deal with the peace and serenity your home offers. Follow our tips on how to survive the college winter break and see your health and productivity skyrocket. Use the time productively and have a great time, rather than sleeping in every day and feeling even more tired in the next semester. 

Andrew Samkowski 

Andrew Samkowski is a bilingual who enjoys American and German cinematography. In his spare time, he volunteers as an interpreter for various NPOs and believes that giving back to the community is a must. He also enjoys long walks and loves hiking. 


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