SVH Excellence Awards

Posted on January 6, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Recognition awards for Sonoma Valley Hospital staff were recently presented at a holiday party. Here, with comments from hospital administration, are the recipients:

Compassion: Attention and support of patients and visitors to SVH.

Karen Weir: Everything about Karen shows that she cares and patients sense this.  Her gentle manner, calm encouragement, touch, and thoughtful communication epitomize skilled nursing, especially with regard to end-of-life issues.

Respect: Acknowledgement of the value of every person encountered at SVH.

Elise Alexander-Stone: Elise makes you feel empowered simply by giving you her full attention.  She is 100% there and always available.

Excellence: Job performance and consistently exceeding expectations of the customers of SVH.

Courtney McMahon: Good and thorough, with a dash of humor, isn’t enough for Courtney.  She enthusiastically coordinates with all departments and anticipates problems and gets to the solutions.

Accountability: Reliability and representation of SVH to the community.

Jia Hao Ni (Joy): Joy has held Environmental Services together since August, 2010.  She is an excellent, dedicated staff member.  If there is a concern or a complaint, Joy ensures that there is follow up and satisfaction.

Teamwork: The Individual ability to inspire and lead coworkers to strive to continue to improve services at SVH.

Pauline Headley: Pauline’s hands-on style of leadership considers everyone’s input and commitment so we all look good as a team.  And her magic ingredient in teamwork is humor.

Innovation: Creativity and implementation of a great idea to improve the patient experience at SVH.

Jackie Lyons: Through her work on imaging services, community outreach, and disaster planning, Jackie demonstrates an infectious “can do attitude.”  She probably never encountered an obstacle or objection she didn’t enjoy getting around.

Nurturing:  Cultivates, develops and educates those with whom they work.

Colleen Wilson: Colleen draws people to her because she is patient, professional, and trustworthy.  She makes you feel like she really knows you; and she actually knows everybody.

Guidance: Directs and leads the community members through their healthcare journey.

Pinky Bautista: Pinky is always smiling and ready to assist people.  As she walks the halls of the facility, you often find Pinky leading patient and family members to their destination.  Pinky supports the hospital in every way and loves to share good news about the services we offer to these patients as she directs them.

Leader of the Year- chosen by the CEO.

Barbara Lee: Barbara has taken the Home Care department to new levels –consistently increasing volumes and maintaining excellent patient care; patients are very complimentary of staff; Home Care represents us well in the community in the continuum of healthcare. All of the Home Care staff has the utmost respect for Barbara because she is fair, inspirational and leads by example. Barbara takes on all responsibilities given and executes exceptionally.

Team Excellence: work as a team to advance excellent care for our patients and families.

Quality Team: The Quality Team demonstrates the true spirit of Sonoma Valley Hospital where talented individuals with diverse skills come together to serve the whole patient, as well as the entire hospital and community.  It is more than coordination, teamwork makes it possible for others to excel.

Clinical, Non-RN Staff Member of the Year: Compassion, quality, and delivery of clinical care to SVH patients and families.

Carlos Zelaya: Carlos knows his job, but he does it with so much compassion, positive attitude, and follow through that is comes as a complete surprise when he then asks, “Is there anything more I can do to help.”

Non-clinical Staff Member of the Year: Quality and delivery of service to SVH that contributes to the care of our patients and families.

Ernie Torrento: Ernie has a “will do” attitude, and he does – and always with courtesy, when promised, as expected, and always accompanied with a smile.

Nurse of the Year: Compassion, quality, and delivery of nursing care to the SVH patients and families – chosen by the medical staff.

Melissa Evans: Melissa is everywhere all the time—she has worked in SNF for 10 Years and has taken the department from being problematic to a genuine asset to our community. Melissa always has the patient in mind, she is caring, compassionate and a total patient advocate. She is always professional in her dealings with the physicians ensuring the best outcomes possible in patient care.

Physician of the Year: Compassion, quality, and delivery of medical care to the SVH patients and families – chosen by the nursing staff.

Dennis Verducci: Excellent medical care is combined with respect for patients.  Dr. Verducci stands out for his coordination of services needed by patients and concern that all individuals involved in treatment are fully informed.

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