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Sonoma’s Planning Commission unanimously approves 31 condos at 254 First St. East
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Catherine Sevenau
Through Any Given Door
Catherine Sevenau

On this Mother’s Day

ON THIS MOTHER'S DAY To the women (and men) who've mothered me over the years. To those I've mothered, and to those who've shared that mothering with me. To those caring for their elder or infirm mothers, swapping roles. To those whose mother has lived a long life and will soon be transitioning. To those who've lost their mother.  To the mothers who've lost children to cancer, drugs, disease, to mental illness, to tragic circumstances. To war and to accidents. To a birth gone awry. And to those who've lost their mother to the above. To those who desperately want to be a mother but can't—and to those who are, but struggling with what they signed on for. To the single mothers and fathers fulfilling this role. To the stepmothers, more often than not, a complicated situation. To those on round two, raising their grandchildren. To the thousands of children who've been separated from their mothers at the border; I can't imagine. May they soon be reunited. To those who've taken in foster children or adopted, who made room at the table for a child. To those whose children don't speak to them—and to those mothers who don't speak in return (that knife slices both ways). To those of my friends who have young children, or are soon to be a mother for the first, second, or third time. And to those whose mother-child relationships were more than sufficient. For some, it's a day to celebrate. For others, it's difficult. And for many, it doesn't mean much. My first and last few years were and have been good mothering years. Some years in between were touch and go. It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. All of it. As mothers we hopefully do the best we can. At the end of the day we bless our life, our own mother, our children, thank one another for who we be, and say I love you. And to our Earth, the mother of us all. Four generations of mothers on my maternal side at about the same ages, upper and lower panel:
  • Catherine Frances Clemens (1948-living)
  • My mother Noreen Ellen "Babe" Chatfield (1915-1968)
  • My grandmother Nellie Belle Chamberlin (1873-1956)
  • My great-grandmother Emily S. Hoy (1850-1940)
Catherine (Clemens) Sevenau, Mother's Day 
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Prapti Aryal hired as the City of Sonoma’s new Finance Director Prapti Aryal hired as the City of Sonoma's new Finance Director

The City of Sonoma has just announced its newest hire. Following a competitive recruitment process, the... Continue

Create defensible space around your home by managing vegetation Create defensible space around your home by managing vegetation

Vegetation management and weed abatement protects your home from wildfires. The city of Sonoma recommends... Continue

Sonoma County bans sale of e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco in unincorporated areas Sonoma County bans sale of e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco in unincorporated areas

In a press release of May 14, it was announced that the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted to ban... Continue

Sonoma Valley Hospital Shares Its Annual Community Report Sonoma Valley Hospital Shares Its Annual Community Report

The theme of Sonoma Valley Hospital’s 2023 Annual Community Report is “Strengthening Our Commitment... Continue

• How does an ambulance sprout wings?
• Board of Supervisors to hold TRUTH Act Forum on ICE data
• SOS served 6,820 meals in their Unity Kitchen in April
• Home prices in Sonoma County likely to rise in 2024
• Proposal on City Council agenda to allow sidewalk seating for food and beverages
• Sonoma Valley Sun Newspaper Now Accepting Tax-Deductible Donations!
• CalFire has updated its strategic plan for 2024
• Impact100 Sonoma Grants Record $350,000 to 13 Valley-Serving Nonprofits
• Sonoma’s Tuesday night Farmers Market begins tonight
• HAS tiny home project to end homelessness obtains its certificate of occupancy
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