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Posted on May 1, 2024 by Sonoma Sun
Today, over 100 US cities and villages nationwide have formally called for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza by approving resolutions. These include our neighbors in Cotati, Arcata, Fort Bragg, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and many others in California. The Sonoma Valley for Ceasefire Coalition demands the Sonoma City Council to put their CEASEFIRE RESOLUTION on an upcoming agenda and pass it. The Coalition, led by seniors at Sonoma Valley High School, have spent months working with community stakeholders and faith leaders to draft resolution language that reflects community members’ views and stays close to other resolutions passed in the Bay Area.
The North Bay Labor Council, Center for People Power, students and faculty from the High School, community members and faith leaders comprise the Valley’s Coalition and Sonoma County for Palestine. The aforementioned groups join the local and global community calling for justice and liberation in Palestine, and stand for human rights and dignity of all people. Residents of Sonoma Valley can join over 330 Sonomans and sign THIS PETITION to urge the City Council to support the ceasefire resolution.
Thank you!
Maria Barakat (She/Her)

2 thoughts on “Sonoma ceasefire resolution

  1. By passing Ceasefire Resolution, Sonoma Valley will be remembered by next generations for standing up for humanist value that is for peace. Small villages like Sonoma Valley must cultivate culture rooted in peace and stand with other villages around the globe for peace. This is best gift for us and our children.

  2. Thank you Maria for leading this. Each time a city or place stands up and speaks out, the voices for peace and fairness get louder, the powers in Washington need to hear us.

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