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While walking down a busy street the other day I felt reminded of leaf cutter ants. Leaf cutters leave their jungle nest each day... Continue

The Board of Supervisors approved a new housing plan cycle that dramatically increased the number of state-mandated housing units in... Continue

Imagine how difficult life would be today if, instead of tapping a cellphone to call friends or pay bills we still had to get out pen... Continue

Though we’ve experienced some cooler temperatures and even some light rain this summer, looking out at the golden hills throughout... Continue

Could humans get out their clogged emotions, and become calm like a cat?  Even though they can be messy, feelings matter. They convey... Continue

  Our economy is contingent on continuous growth, consumerism, and monetary policy that facilitates such growth. Growth is a highly-loaded... Continue

By Loretta Carr | For The Sun —  I had been looking forward to this trip to Palm Springs for years. Every winter my husband... Continue

Chapter 61: 1949-1950 • Sonora, California 1949 • Larry’s diary (age 15) The month of October was about school, basketball games,... Continue

Do you postpone, then grit your teeth, and steel yourself before diving into preparing data for your tax return? Don’t feel alone.... Continue

What’s fresh, and a delicious recipe for sauteed escarole Winter, if we can call it that in the amazing Sonoma Valley, does slow... Continue

  MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa is the site of much work and construction, particularly since the purchase of the vacant lot... Continue

Last month, the California State Department of General Services (DGS) and the Grupe/Rogal partnership submitted a Builder’s Remedy... Continue

When squirrels lay flat on tree limbs and ravens pant through their beaks, you know it is unbearably hot. I mean it’s been dangerously... Continue

By Natasha Cameron, Ph.D., PSY — In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, it seems necessary to discuss the impact of youth suicides... Continue

The public education system in the Golden State of California used to be legendary, a creative mecca in the 1950s-70s. In developing... Continue

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