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Sense of “self” is just one among a constellation of mental states, and the experience of “I” varies considerably.... Continue

Well, we made it through another winter. Late storms finally blessed us with a decent volume of moisture, but now it’s warm again.... Continue

Civic life is alive and well in the city of Sonoma. The first public event in the Valley for the upcoming presidential campaign went... Continue

On the heels of City Council’s vote to approve a trend-setting minimum wage ordinance, some in town are now awaiting the Economic... Continue

Driving south through Glen Ellen, you cross over a historic trestle bridge, and you think you’ve entered the land that time forgot.... Continue

When I was a little girl, every year my grandparents would send me a birthday card with a little check in it so I could put it toward... Continue

Delicate conversations are never easy. I still slip up sometimes because, well, I’m human. But when people in a relationship... Continue

The proposed First Street East project, at the old Peterson property adjacent to Vintage House, is a proposed 80-bed assisted living... Continue

To have a fully functioning estate plan, you need to have coordination. The estate planner prepares the necessary legal documents,... Continue

An activist for many years, I am always impressed by the May 1 marches organized by the farm workers union, inspired by the long-gone... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

In 2017 the Sonoma Valley Fund published a study called Hidden In Plain Sight, an “in-depth look at our community’s needs and its... Continue

Born on a Minnesota farm, you milked cows and picked corn. You hated farming; that’s why you left Minnesota, that, and your mother... Continue

By Bonnie Lee, E.A. With summer almost here, many students will turn their attention to making money from a summer job. Whether it’s... Continue

Lately, while so much council attention is paid to our Plaza trees, homes in the hillsides, and the exact right number of food trucks... Continue

A recent 60 Minutes story profiled migrants from Central America and Mexico caravanning in a mass migration north to the U.S. border.... Continue

‘In many instances it is our young people setting the model for adults.’ I don’t normally wear t-shirts with writing on them.... Continue

  So, you want to write a book? I recently got to interview Karen Rowe, a ghost writer and writing coach who helps aspiring authors... Continue

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