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Generally, we divide the history of human culture between the Paleolithic and Neolithic, “Paleolithic” meaning “Old... Continue

Well, we made it through another winter. Late storms finally blessed us with a decent volume of moisture, but now it’s warm again.... Continue

California has become the epicenter of the newly energized progressive movement. The strong union movement in California, the activist... Continue

Thank goodness the most recent Sonoma brouhaha seems to be winding down. That was the one where an arriviste in town learned that... Continue

We are working with the community to establish two Municipal Advisory Councils. The Springs MAC is up and running, meeting the fourth... Continue

During the recent Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) annual international conference, I had the opportunity to have... Continue

The pressure is on – spring in California means we’re supposed to be stick thin. Every diet from Keto to Micro is on TV and in... Continue

Here in Sonoma Valley we inhabit the same physical space, but have the propensity to occupy alternate universes of facts. The hillside... Continue

This week’s topic? Letting everyone know that it is NOT acceptable to simply leave assets in a trust when someone dies. For most... Continue

By Loretta Carpio Carr On a recent stop for gas, I went into the adjacent convenience store to buy a bottle of water and a couple... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

In 2017 the Sonoma Valley Fund published a study called Hidden In Plain Sight, an “in-depth look at our community’s needs and its... Continue

Catherine Sevenau
Rude Awakenings
Catherine Sevenau
Got eggs?

I’m in the back seat of Ed’s green Pathfinder with my friend Kayla, who is three, and we’re on the way to an Easter gathering... Continue

By Bonnie Lee For 2018 a complicated tax reform bill, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”  took effect, promising to help the middle and... Continue

Lately, while so much council attention is paid to our Plaza trees, homes in the hillsides, and the exact right number of food trucks... Continue

A recent 60 Minutes story profiled migrants from Central America and Mexico caravanning in a mass migration north to the U.S. border.... Continue

‘In many instances it is our young people setting the model for adults.’ I don’t normally wear t-shirts with writing on them.... Continue

If you want to see real change in your small business, stop acting like an employee and start acting like a CEO. It’s incredibly... Continue