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The community is buzzing about Pacaso, the new, well-funded corporation offering fractional home ownership. Already challenged by... Continue

The next 90 days will make or break the Biden Administration. The window for the legislative season will start shutting down after... Continue

One sign our nation is Back on Track is that Covid could be vaccinated into submission in much of the country by the 4th of July. Once-scarce... Continue

“Undoubtedly, cannabis is a divisive issue in our community.” After more than a year of critical focus on the COVID-19... Continue

This doozy of a time in history brings many questions and insights. We boomers have stories to tell. The calamities we’ve seen are... Continue

Our economy is contingent on continuous growth, consumerism, and monetary policy that facilitates such growth. Growth is a highly-loaded... Continue

By Loretta Susan Carr — “Hello, Susan? It’s Carmen. Call me back.” That message is saved on my answering machine, and when... Continue

Chapter 16: 1933 • Los Angeles, California ~ Shortly after their marriage and with my father’s job in Colusa finished with... Continue

Do you postpone, then grit your teeth, and steel yourself before diving into preparing data for your tax return? Don’t feel alone.... Continue

What’s fresh, and a delicious recipe for sauteed escarole Winter, if we can call it that in the amazing Sonoma Valley, does slow... Continue

Dominic Foppoli finally stepped down, in un-self-aware disgrace, as mayor of Windsor after being accused of sexual misconduct by at... Continue

Can a place have soul? Logan Harvey is leaving Sonoma. While I am happy for him and wish him much success, I am sad for Sonoma. It... Continue

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