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On December 7th I’ll be checking into the hospital to undergo a cardiac ablation procedure, a process of inserting electrodes and... Continue

The yearlong slow and painful whittling down of the initially ambitious Build Back Better bill – which at full strength could have... Continue

Amidst endless mass shootings, wars, wildfires, drought, plague, economic collapses, insurrections, bomb cyclones, atmospheric rivers,... Continue

Over the past several years, I have heard from countless constituents, in my district and across the county and region, sharing their... Continue

This has been a heavy, challenging few years for us all. I thought some laughter might be needed here, but not much seemed funny these... Continue

Our economy is contingent on continuous growth, consumerism, and monetary policy that facilitates such growth. Growth is a highly-loaded... Continue

By Loretta Susan Carr — “Hello, Susan? It’s Carmen. Call me back.” That message is saved on my answering machine, and when... Continue

Chapter 23: 1946 • Sonora ~ On a sunny Saturday, Mom brought home six-dozen chicks from the feed store and enclosed them in the... Continue

Do you postpone, then grit your teeth, and steel yourself before diving into preparing data for your tax return? Don’t feel alone.... Continue

What’s fresh, and a delicious recipe for sauteed escarole Winter, if we can call it that in the amazing Sonoma Valley, does slow... Continue

The Sonoma Valley Sun endorses Measure F to continue the parcel tax in support of the Sonoma Valley Hospital. Not to add or increase... Continue

From a very young age I knew guns kill. That is the purpose of a gun, to kill animals or other humans. A 17-year-old brings a gun... Continue

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