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The Homo line of bipedal humans sequenced through a variety of iterations before settling down, albeit uncomfortably, into the one... Continue

Those reading over their copy of the Constitution this July 4th might think it needs some serious updating for the 21st century. ... Continue

Beginning June 11th, the county will commence Budget Hearings for the Fiscal Year 2024/25. Like the State of California, though not... Continue

What’s the big talk of the town, besides fires, vacations, ailments, sex, death and housing? Dictatorships and political polarization... Continue

Beep, Boop! Beep, Boop! The street vendor is here! Jumping up like a dog trained to respond to the sound of a bicycle horn, I grabbed... Continue

NEWS FLASH: I pulled the lever and moved my Real Estate Broker’s license from my downtown business office to my home. I’m... Continue

Congress will be continue to pass numerous tax law changes. Below are tidbits that that you might find useful: IRS Online Account enhancements.... Continue

The Sonoma Friday Farmers’ Market at Depot Park is a Sonoma tradition that spans over 35 years. This outdoor event, set in the parking... Continue

As I was growing up my father constantly downplayed our dreams saying they were not reality.  I now realize that his “reality”... Continue

On a recent morning, I strolled l around Lake Suttonfield at the former Sonoma Developmental Center. It is in the heart of the wildlife... Continue

By Marissa La Brecque | For The Sun — In a world that has become increasingly isolated and disconnected, it’s crucial... Continue

Why do you teach the arts, I asked the visual and performing arts teachers in SVUSD recently. Their answers revealed the transformational... Continue

My name is George Thompson and I’ve had a music radio show on KSVY called the Coyote Road for 18 years. I am happy to be joining... Continue

Tom was 82 years old, enjoying his retirement and looking forward to spending more time with his children and grandchildren. Through... Continue

On June 5 the Sonoma City Council responded to a long festering demand by local citizens – including a significant number of students... Continue

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