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Averting irreversible global warming

Posted on June 20, 2024

Dear Editor, I must take issue with Caitlin Cornwall’s article stating that “progress IS happening” regarding climate change.... Continue

City Council: Build the Ting in Depot Park

Posted on May 12, 2024

Friends on City Council : I am pleased to see that at its Wednesday meeting Council will issue a proclamation of May, 2024 as Asian... Continue

Government let us down on SDC

Posted on May 8, 2024

Dear Editor: Our local and state politicians really fell down on protecting our community from a massive invasion. The Sonoma Valley... Continue

Sonoma ceasefire resolution

Posted on May 1, 2024

Today, over 100 US cities and villages nationwide have formally called for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza by approving... Continue

Pools over teachers?

Posted on February 14, 2024

Pools are important. A good education is more important. But that’s not the way SVUSD has managed for many years.  Appearances over... Continue

Red flags on Measure H

Posted on February 13, 2024
Red flags on Measure H

We all want to be safe from fire and we all respect, appreciate and want to support our dedicated and courageous firefighters for their... Continue

Incompetence and delay from State Parks

Posted on February 5, 2024
Incompetence and delay from State Parks

As a lifelong resident of the Sonoma Valley and a volunteer docent at the Jack London State Historic Park, I am deeply disappointed... Continue

Let’s get going on Annexation

Posted on February 4, 2024

The latest iteration of the discussion about annexation of the Springs Community by the City of Sonoma is going around again. Please... Continue

Dodd endorses Verder-Aliga

Posted on February 4, 2024

Serving Sonoma County in the California state Senate is the greatest honor of my professional life, and before retiring at the end... Continue

Protesters to Mattson: What’s the plan?

Posted on February 2, 2024
Protesters to Mattson: What's the plan?

In December, employees of the Lefever/Mattson owned Cheese Factory visited the plaza merchants bearing champagne to invite them to... Continue

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