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Change of course needed at SDC

Posted on October 1, 2023
Change of course needed at SDC

By Teri Shore — In response to the large-scale development recently proposed by the State of California and its chosen developer... Continue

War on Prop. 13

Posted on September 16, 2023

Unicorns don’t exist in the real world and taxpayer heroes do not exist in the majority in the California Assembly. Despite warnings... Continue

The wrong spot for new housing

Posted on September 8, 2023

Magical Thinking! The Arnold Drive corridor and unincorporated Sonoma County lack infrastructure, resources and opportunities to support... Continue

Trailer parks last resort to homelessness 

Posted on August 27, 2023

With more frequency we are hearing about trailer parks that are in jeopardy and thus putting their residents at risk for homelessness.... Continue

Say no to Sonoma water rate hike

Posted on August 22, 2023

Most of us, within the Sonoma city limits, have recently received a letter advising of a Public Hearing to consider water rate increases.... Continue

Should we knowingly allow more wildfire deaths?

Posted on August 15, 2023

Should we allow family and friends to be trapped during lethal wildfire evacuations in trade for builder profits, increased county... Continue

Don’t shoot the messenger

Posted on August 3, 2023

When one of our most prophetic local truth-tellers, my pal Fred Allebach, who has consistently correctly decoded regional land-use... Continue

SV Housing Group to school board: focus and collaborate

Posted on August 2, 2023
SV Housing Group to school board: focus and collaborate

Focus on students should be the most important part of school board issues. Regrettably, the focus on the kids of Sonoma Valley was... Continue

Nonprofit collaborative weighs in on Sonoma County master housing plan

Posted on July 19, 2023
Nonprofit collaborative weighs in on Sonoma County master housing plan

Sonoma County’s Planning Commission will deliberate Thursday, July 20, 1:30-3pm, over the County’s Housing Element. The Sonoma... Continue

The Supreme Court needs an overhaul

Posted on June 30, 2023

Americans are losing faith in our Supreme Court, and it’s easy to see why. In the year since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health... Continue

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