Government let us down on SDC

Posted on May 8, 2024 by Sonoma Sun

Dear Editor:

Our local and state politicians really fell down on protecting our community from a massive invasion. The Sonoma Valley community attended meetings, we wrote letters, we researched impacts, cumulative impacts and options, we talked to our representatives and interested parties, we wrote letters to the newspapers, we even protested in the streets. We wanted our watershed, our wildlands, our wildlife and our safety protected and affordable housing for our workers. Once we saw the FEIR and the Specific Plan we knew we had been led down the primrose path, so we delivered proposals for a scaled down development. One proposal advocated for community control over the development of SDC. We hoped the buildings on the site could be recycled. Our proposals were rejected by the County and the State. A huge development was granted permission by the State to begin planning. We had to sue for a more realistic EIR actually protecting our environment. AND WE WON. The FEIR was found inadequate. So much for government oversight of our well being. Next time listen to the sound advice of your dedicated, persistent and knowledgeable constituents. Please do not hire the same consultants for the redrafted EIR. They were tunnel visioned and short-sighted in their approach.

Nancy Kirwan

Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA