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Sonoma – A Day the Life

Posted on November 24, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Give thanks Sonoma

The day begins with fresh bread, coffee, exercise, the clank of the garbage truck. It progresses, like so many other days, with school drop offs, work, lunch, an end-of-day cocktail with friends, dinner, music, a movie, etc. Welcome to one day in the life of Sonoma: November 18, 2011.

For just this one issue of The Sun, we’ve tried something radically different. Gone is the news of the week – the goings on at City Council, the police report, the cute school kids. Our regular columnists have taken the week off from writing and so have we.

Instead, we bring you a pictorial depiction of our town brought to you by the people of our town. Errands, shopping, walking the dog, raking leaves, making music, tasting wine, stocking turkeys, doing laundry. Our lives are varied, rich and busy. And although each day seems new and different, there’s a wonderful routine that comes with living in a small town. We share our lives with one another every day.

To make this issue possible, we asked for the community’s and they’ve done a fantastic job submitting photos of anything and everything that goes on in one day in Sonoma.

We are thankful to everyone who made this possible including, in no particular order: Pat Reed, Greg Walter, Mike Hyland, Bill Boerum, Rob McElroy, Donna Hays, Rebecca Hermosillo, Susan Loesch, Jette Franks, Anna Robles, Emira Cameron, Jennifer Imbimbo, Ned Hoke, Ken Brown, Lin Marie deVincent, Kathy Witkowicki, Nancy King, Vince Albano, Ronda Giangreco, Madeline Black, Jane Siegel, Karin Niehoff, Nancie Ligon, Amy Smith, Steve Meloan, Eden Pieper, Melinda Kelley, Kristin Viguerie, Loretta Carr, Harry Blum, Megan Clouse, Steve Manfre, Paul Brenninger, Scott Knight, Wendy Phillippay, William Murray, Melania Mahoney, Ray Sullivan, B.J. Bischoff, George McKale, Tara Conrow, Anna Pier, Katie Holden, Kathy Aanestad, Joan Huguenard, Valerie Patterson, Nancy O’Neal and Vallard Forsythe. Thank you, too, to anyone unnamed. We did receive quite a few submissions with just email addresses and no name to which to attribute them.

So, as the aroma of roast turkey wafts through your home, sit back, relax and enjoy one day in the life of Sonoma and be thankful for all that we have.

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