School board approves developer fee increase

Posted on June 14, 2012 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma Valley Unified School District approved a resolution at this week’s board meeting to increase developer fees. The fees are levied against any new construction within its boundaries for the purpose of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities.
Developer fees haven’t been increased since 2008 and, while the increase won’t provide much in the way of funds, the added revenue could be a needed shot in the arm for the budget scarred school district.

New residential development is projected to generate new students in the district. Presently, the district’s schools do not have the capacity to accommodate the additional students thus raising the need for the developer fee to fund new school facilities required to serve the increase in enrollment.

Before the approved resolution, developer fees were set at $2.97 per square foot of residential development and 47 cents per square foot of commercial/industrial development. The increase brings the fees to $3.20 and 51 cents respectively.

According to Deputy Superintendent Justin Frese the district received $315,532 in developer fees in 2009-2010; $181,188 in 2010-2011 and could receive as much as $310,000 in this fiscal year, ending June 30.

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