Vote for Susan Gorin in the 1st District

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Submitted


The Operating Engineers Local #3, the largest construction union in California proudly endorses Susan Gorin for 1st District Supervisor. Supervisor Gorin is a strong supporter of infrastructure projects and road maintenance. Given her track record of working with business, labor and environmental groups we believe she is the best choice for moving our economy forward. In Santa Rosa, Gorin has a balanced approach to allocating tax dollars when it comes to budgeting. Susan has a roads plan that does the job in that balanced way.

Operating Engineers are working on the widening of the 101 corridor, constructing SMART and are maintaining highways and roads throughout Sonoma County. These projects and other like them are training hundreds of apprentices in the art of building and maintaining roads as well as other pieces of infrastructure. The Operating Engineers maintains the only apprenticeship program in the State and spend millions of dollars training young men, women and returning veterans on how to build and maintain roads. These are good jobs with decent wages and benefits.

Join us in supporting a Supervisor that will support roads, training for construction, and smart investments in the future. Vote for Susan Gorin in the 1st District.

Chris Snyder
District Representative
Operating Engineers Local #3
District 10, AFL-CIO

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