Police report: Man throws infant across hospital room

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A Sonoma man, 27, was arrested for felony child abuse and domestic violence after throwing his newborn daughter at the baby’s mother during an argument at Sonoma Valley Hospital. He had threatened to take the two-day-old girl away during the August 4 altercation, police were told. When hospital staff responded to the yelling and screaming, the man took off. He was soon found, walking shirtless along nearby Fourth Street West. The unmarried couple lived together, the woman, 26, said. She told police the man, an alleged gang member, had in the past been abusive to her and her one-year-old son. She was granted an emergency protective order.

Hot wheels – A 2005 Corvette was stolen from a curbside parking spot along the 400 block of Seventh St. W. on August 8. The day before, a Kia Sorento was swiped from the 400 block of W. Napa. Same perp?

All wet – A vandal cleared a locked fence on the 100 block of W. Napa and pushed a fountain to the ground sometime during the night of August 4. Value of the ruined piece: $5,500

Drunk of the Week — The slovenly man in the driver’s seat of his car, parked at Vineyard Market, was clearly drunk. He was unintelligible and uncooperative, and the car reeked of body fluids. Then, unfortunately for police at 3:15 p.m. on August 2, it got worse. Finally coaxed out the vehicle, the Springs man, 65, presented a site most disturbing: he had urinated and defecated in his pants and thrown up on his shoes. The drunk in public charge was easy. Driving the suspect to jail was the hard part.

How I ruined my summer vacation – The report of fight at 2:30 a.m. brought police to the grounds of Sassarini School on August 2. Found in the playground area were two male teenagers; the troublemaking third teen, they said, had already taken off. One of the lads, 17, had the unmistakable aroma of stale booze about his person. When queried about said consumption, he said he had nothing to drink… okay, maybe “a little bit.” Enough, cops found, to rate a .106 blood alcohol count and a citation for consumption of alcohol as a minor. He was then remanded to a higher authority – his mother. The other male, 18, was not cited.

Cautionary tail – A black Labrador was found locked in a silver Jaguar parked on the Plaza on the afternoon of August 2. The windows were cracked and the outdoor temperature was a balmy 80 degrees, but inside the car, a digital thermometer revealed, it was closer to 110 degrees. Officers took the friendly dog from the car to the police station and left a note. A Sacramento woman and her son came to pick up the cooled canine. She said she had been taking the dog out of the car every 30 minutes. She was warned but not cited.

Just another Saturday night – Loud music, yelling, swearing… the usual, neighbors reported late on August 3. Seems a house on the 300 block of Saunders was having another backyard party. When officers arrived to a hostile greeting, they found teenagers and drunk adults around a fire pit. The area was liberally littered with beer cans and the air filled with obscenities. Ultimately, after calming the scene down, police cited the male homeowner, 49, for violating the noise ordinance.

Catered robbery – Report of two burglaries of a wooden storage shed behind a structure in the 200 block of E. Napa St. The first haul: 12 beers and 30 pounds of pork. After the second take, five days later on July 31 (sheets and bedding) the owner installed locks and made a police report.