DUI Crash on 121 near Viansa Winery

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Submitted

Hello Sonoma Sun,
I am a local resident of Sonoma and this is a local family I am hoping that you can bring this story to the public to help the family of the father and daughter that were injured in this horrible DUI accident on Tuesday, Oct 29 near the Sonoma Raceway. Jazzlin was visited last night by a family friend and her struggles are absolutely heartbreaking.
The little girl is names Jazzlin Mejia and her dad is Gustavo Mejia and their car was hit head on by a drunk driver and they were both severely injured and one person was killed. Jazzlin is a beautiful and special little 5 year old and one of her favorite things to do is to dance. She is currently in Oakland children’s hospital and is unable to feel anything from the belly button down and the doctors are saying that she will never walk again. This story is absolutely heartbreaking and her friends and family are doing everything that we can to help her mom who is by her side be strong for her little girl. Her dad Gustavo is in another hospital and cannot be there with his daughter which I can only imagine is torture. A fund has been set up for Gustavo and Jazzlin Mejia as well as a bank account at Exchange bank to collect donations to help the family and for the future care of Jazzlin.

Anything that you can do to help this family would be appreciated. I know there are heartbreaking stories every day so I am begging that you please give some attention to this story.
With many thanks,
Marla Apodaca

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