Hospital covered $2.5 million in patient bills

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Board of Directors reported that Sonoma Valley Hospital H$2.5 million in uncompensated medical services to Sonoma Valley residents during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, according to the year-end financial statement of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District.

According to the report, the Hospital provided $2,359,502 in uncompensated medical care through State Medi-Cal and other public aid programs, and an additional $201,586 in care for patients without insurance who lacked the ability to pay. This total of $2,561,088 is more than double the amount reported in fiscal year 2012 ($1,093,744).

“Since 2004, the District has had a community benefits policy that provides medical care to all who require it, regardless of ability to pay, and follows guidelines provided by the California Hospital Association,” said Board Chair Bill Boerum. “Providing a safety net for those who do not qualify for state or federal aid is part of the District’s commitment to the community.”

According to Hospital CEO Kelly Mather, this total does not include many other services the Hospital provides to the community without cost. Mather noted that in the past fiscal year, Hospital staff volunteered more than 1,800 hours in services to the community, worth an estimated $104,000.

“We are committed to creating a healthy community here in Sonoma, and to this end we provide health education screenings and programs, and free clinics, among other services,” she said. “For example, 38 Hospital staff members volunteered to provide health screenings and information at the Binational Health Fair last month.”

2 thoughts on “Hospital covered $2.5 million in patient bills

  1. I went to Sonoma Valley Health Center recently, and I told them I did not have insurance, and could not pay. They assured me that CMSP would take care of it. I saw a doctor, which did not really help me at all.

    It turned out that I was denied by CMSP, and I recieved numerous letters from SVHC demanding payment.

    Sonoma did not do anything for me at all. I still suffer immensely to this day.

  2. How long before the whole thing goes broke . People who have nothing or hide assets will continue to feed off those who carry somewhat adequate insurance .I know , let’s have more ILLEGALS !

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