Police blotter: domestic violence suspect snared; Drunk of the Week, etc.

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A man who escaped police during a 100 m.p.h. car chase was found November 3 hiding in his El Verano home – the site of the violent domestic abuse incident that sparked the three-day manhunt. The case began when female victim reported to police that she had been assaulted by her husband, 33, and had fled to the safety of a neighbor’s Oak Street home. The man, who she said hit her in the face after a loud argument, was cruising the streets looking for her. Police noted the car and took off in pursuit. He evaded the ensuing high-speed chase, but was found days later when spotted entering his house by a police stakeout. The nervous wife at first denied the suspect was home, but he was quickly found and arrested without incident. Charges include domestic violence, false imprisonment and because the woman’s daughter was home at the time of the attack, child endangerment.

Don’t taze me, bro

In the eyes of the law, hanging out at the skateboard park after hours is indeed radical – as in illegal. Sonoma dude, 21, displayed an insolent demeanor when reminded of the law by police on November 13. Amid the smell of weed and booze, bro was defiant to the point of copping a resisting arrest beef.

Pipe dreams

There’s no law against being weird, but surely the police would be interested when a strange man hangs around a store muttering the word “robbery.” And so the clerk at the West Napa Street 7-11 called in the strange situation just after midnight on November 13. When officers contacted the Santa Rosa man, 37, in the parking lot, he had grown antic and agitated. There were men with guns all around, he said. The chatter was meth-fueled paranoia; a chronic user awaiting a four-year prison term, the man admitted to taking two puffs a few hours earlier. He was arrested for being under the influence and subsequently jailed.

Drunk of the Week

Is there any better way of asking for trouble than driving home from a bar at 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Not for the 24-year-old Sonoma woman speeding and crossing double yellow lines as she maneuvered down Fifth Street West on November 10. Once pulled over, she admitted partaking in “one vodka cranberry” at a Plaza tavern, a tally that rather bellied a staggering .143 blood alcohol level.

A grisly scene

When officers responding to reports of a domestic fight were forced to kick in the door of a White Briar Drive home on November 9 they were confronted with crime scene drenched in blood. A woman, 36, fended off the violent attack of her boyfriend with a pair of scissors – as he choked her, he stabbed him in the arm. Despite the bloody wound, the man, 41, tried to evade deputies by running through the back yard and trying to jump over the fence. Once subdued, the Sonoma man, whose arm wound proved superficial, was arrested on numerous felony charges, including false imprisonment, domestic violence and assault. The woman had marks on her neck but was otherwise uninjured

No service

A shirtless man running across the road and ducking into a Springs phone store drew the attention of deputies at 11 a.m. on November 7. The man, 36, was known to be on probation – in fact, he had just been released from jail – so the weed in his pocket earned him a return the hoosegow.

Horse whisper

When his date didn’t show, a Springs man decided to “do all the heroin” himself at his Baines Avenue abode, then passed out while calling 911 for help. Officers responding to the aborted November 3 call found the 36-year-old in an extremely whacked-out state: sweaty, rapid breathing, huge pupils. Tin foil with tell-tale burned reside was nearby. Clearly under the influence, and not incidentally serving four separate probation sentences, the man was arrested and jailed.


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