Highway 12 Tree Removal Plan

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Submitted

Editor: With regard to the imminent plan to remove most of the large trees along Highway 12 north of Boyes Blvd, on this very road there are great examples of accommodating trees and also, sadly, examples where urban development has not taken into account environment or aesthetics: across from Boyes Springs Food Center and again just in front Ross Drulis Architects, sidewalks curve around long-standing oaks. Compare this with some of the stretches just north of Boyes Boulevard where pavement and driveways stand in place of any vegetation.

I encourage anyone who is concerned with the future of Boyes Hot Springs to drive along the stretch of highway marked for widening, and count the number of trees and bushes bearing the neon-pink “x”, or tagged with pink tape. Then imagine that stretch without those trees – this barren landscape threatens to become a reality in one week’s time.
Denise Long
Boyes Hot Springs

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