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Soccer Club backs improved athletic facilities at SVHS

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

On behalf of Sonoma Soccer Club, I wish to express our support for the Sonoma Valley High School athletic fields improvement/expansion project. We are excited about the possibility of a new multi-use field and track being built on the school grounds. Not only will this be a benefit to students and athletes at SVHS, but also to the general public, who will be able to use the field/track during non-school hours. We hope this project will not be delayed and that construction will be able to begin in spring, 2016.

We also understand that a second phase for this project is being considered. This phase would include the building of a snack stand, permanent restrooms, bleachers and the addition of lights for the field. This phase of the project would finally give future Dragon teams an athletic facility that would be equal to the stadiums of surrounding high schools.

If there is one area of concern, it is the issue of lights. We feel this part of the project should be included with phase one and installed when the new field is built. This will allow the field to be used year round and for multiple sports. With the recent vote of the Sonoma County League to move boys soccer to the winter season and the inevitable move of girls’ soccer to winter, a field that can be used at night should be considered mandatory.

We urge the SVUSD Board of Trustees to consider the addition of athletic field lights as crucial and necessary for the success of this project.

Dan Sondheim, Sonoma Soccer Club, Sonoma

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