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‘Hot Springs Hop’

Posted on March 1, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

20160227_124831 (1)Artist Jill Valavanis has created the public art piece “Hot Springs Hop,” a series of geometric shapes resembling shadows that encourage kids to hop, skip, and jump as they move along the path. Kids can travel the path differently each time by hopping only on a chosen shape, or by creating their own pattern, such as triangle-circle-triangle-circle.

Originally designed to be installed on the sidewalk of Highway 12, the rain delays resulted in a change of location — the project has been placed at Flowery School. (Valavanis is hoping, with approval from Caltrans, to also install the design on Highway 12 this spring.) The piece was funded by a grant awarded to Art Escape, one of only 21 awarded to Bay Area nonprofits by the Super Bowl 50 Fund.

This Friday, March 4, at 3pm, there will be a ribbon-cutting celebration where the kids will get to hop to their hearts’ content. The public is invited.


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