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Carter for Ed Board trustee

Posted on November 6, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun
I  have advocated for our families for over 25 years, 11 of which, as a Sonoma Valley Unified District parent.  Until this November 2016 election, I had no idea what our 1st District Sonoma County Board of Education Trustee could or should be doing for our families.  Thanks to Jason Carter, a candidate for the SCOE Board, I am beginning to understand what a person in this position can do.  At a recent forum, while the incumbent focused on what she “cannot” do for us, Jason Carter focused on the possibilities of not just a SCOE Trustee, but of someone that cares about our community.
Even without being elected, Jason helped bring truancy prevention case management to the Sonoma Valley School District, simply because he cares.  He volunteers for the Sonoma County Workforce Investment Board’s Youth Committee and County Probation’s Keeping Kids in School Committee, because he cares.  He wants to make a difference in the lives of our families because he grew up in poverty, with obstacles such as being a high school dropout and overcoming alcoholism, which are some of the same barriers our struggling youth face today.
Jason understands what it feels like to have a challenged path in front of him, but also has developed into a working professional that gives back to families he used to be.  You can feel his intensity and passion when he talks about changing the lives of our youth because it is part of him, both personally and professionally.  SCOE oversees court and community schools and Jason Carter has created a community school.  Jason’s job with the Violence Prevention Partnership is to work with at-risk youth and families.  Jason prioritizes matters and addresses them.
Jason provides solutions to issues by leveraging his network that respects his abilities.  All 4 SCOE Trustees from Districts 2, 3, 4, and 5 support him—these are the incumbent’s peers for the past four years.  All 5 Sonoma County Supervisors support him.  All 7 Santa Rosa City Council members support him.  I support him… because he cares.

Mario Castillo, El Verano

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