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Library thanks Measure Y supporters

Posted on November 9, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma County Library is grateful to the voters in Sonoma County for the passing of Measure Y, said Brett Lear, Sonoma County Library Director.

“This 1/8th cent sales tax will bring much-needed additional revenue to the public libraries of Sonoma County. The success of this measure is due to the many volunteers who devoted their time and energy for the Measure Y campaign.

“We are humbled by and grateful for the support the residents have shown for the libraries. Sonoma County Library Director. “We will now be able to fully achieve the goals in our Strategic Plan and focus on important priorities for the communities.

“Sonoma County’s libraries are one of the few places left in the community that benefit everyone. The additional revenue made possible with Measure Y will allow the Library to address the following priorities: opening Mondays and expanding library hours, maintaining the library’s children’s book collection, keeping qualified librarians, constructing dedicated technology labs, providing educational services for the public, and expanding our services and programs to library patrons.

“The increase in revenue allows the library to carry out efforts around education and discovery, innovation, and community engagement. The Sonoma County Library continues to be a mainstay in the communities throughout the county, executing our mission to bring information, ideas, and people together to build a strong community. The 14 branches will remain as places that benefit everyone, including children, families, employers, seniors, and the disabled.”

For more information contact Library Director Brett Lear at 545-0831 or [email protected] Keep up with all library events at and on Facebook,

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