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Letter: Why was Agrimonti bypassed for Sonoma mayor?

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Although I did not attend the most recent council meeting of 12/12/16, where Rachael Hundley was selected as Sonoma’s next mayor, it is my understanding that per longstanding procedure, Madolyn Agrimonti, previous mayor, pro-tem, was in line for appointment as mayor. With little or no discussion a vote ensued, with Rachael selected as mayor by the council members. Why, what is behind this move?

I do not know Rachael at all, and certainly cannot comment on her capabilities, nor her abilities to serve as mayor. This letter is about a process gone amiss. I do know Madolyn, and hold her in high regard as to putting her constituents and issues first, not petty politics or self advancement. She has always served the council and city well in her duties as a council member in my opinion, addressing the issues of the city in a thoughtful, professional manner.

Why Madolyn was not selected as the next mayor is very perplexing to me and disconcerting. With no discussion prior to the council vote, and with a unanimous vote to appoint Rachel as the next mayor of Sonoma, leads me to assume several logical conclusions, none of them positive. Was there an infraction of the Brown Act, ie: discussion amongst council members outside the confines of a formal meeting, to reach the decision to bypass the selection of Madolyn?

Why the departure from the acceptable and long standing process of succession with no public discussion or dialogue ? Why no discussion amongst the council members in executive session prior to the vote? If there are issues, why not discuss face to face? We all know that the mayor’s position is mostly a ceremonial position in terms of management direction of city affairs, and is a rotational position, with the Pro-Tem mayor usually succeeding the most recent sitting mayor. Why the change?

It s my understanding that Madolyn handled this situation gracefully and professionally. The same cannot be said for certain council members who decided to deviate from the norm with no public discussion, or one with Madolyn . The residents of Sonoma deserve better, as does Madolyn.

Peter Gilligan, Sonoma

3 thoughts on “Letter: Why was Agrimonti bypassed for Sonoma mayor?

  1. Dummköpfe! Depsite der Brown Act erfordern öffentliche Diskussion und Abstimmung über Angelegenheiten der öffentlichen Wirtschaft, Harrington, Hundley und Edwards sind auf die Ausführung eines geheimen Rat, um sich und ihre Freunde gut verbunden. Heil Trump!

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