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Summer in The Springs

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Susan Gorin

The Springs is on the minds of many as we witness the new iteration of this community that has undergone huge changes in the past two years. The punch list for Phase II of Highway 12 is nearly complete. People are talking, debating, innovating, and invested in the outcome. Opinions may differ on the future, but what is evident is how many people care deeply for this special place. No matter where you stand on paint color or building heights, the one thing we can all agree on is it’s a great time to be in the Springs.

The Springs has undergone many changes over the past 150+ years and has proven to be one of the most interesting, diverse, vibrant areas in Sonoma County. I’ve heard some confusion about the term “The Springs” when referencing the four towns that encompass the area. Some people are concerned this is a new designation meant to spur gentrification, but this is not the case. Mike Acker, our resident historian, and author of the new book “The Springs: Resort Towns of Sonoma Valley” found the term used as early as 1938. Mike’s new book (excerpted on page 16) is available at Reader’s Books and you can buy a copy directly from him at The Springs Festival on Sunday, June 11 from 4-7 p.m. at Larson Park. Mike will be set up to sell at the Springs Community Alliance booth. We are fortunate to have Mike in our midst doing great work.

Speaking of The Springs Festival, I am pleased to join you again this year at Larson Park. I’m even happier to note the community has stepped up once again to support this fun, family friendly event. My goal with the festival was to start something the greater community would take over purely as their own. This year, I am happy to report that Garrett Sarthre and Nicole Benjamin of Handmade Events and the new West Handmade Burger place stepped up to lead the effort. Garrett and Nicole are Springs residents, parents, and local business owners with considerable experience in event management

They love the Springs and despite having a full schedule – like a 6,000 person popup dinner in Brooklyn — are committed to helping us celebrate. Garret and Nicole have lots of support from my office and a planning team from La Luz, the Boys and Girls Clubs of SV, ArtEscape and Mary Catherine Cutcliffe. Thank you!

This year, we’ve made some changes. The date was moved to June with the hope for milder weather and the event will be late afternoon to early evening. We’ve condensed the footprint to allow for easier access to all vendors and placed most activities in the Little League field and left the big field for a soccer game. There will be live music from 3 on a Match and Valley Vibes Orchestra. The dunk tank is back and open to all as a fundraiser for Larson Park. We welcome back La Michoacana, the fig rig, and El Brinquito Market as well as many others. Don’t forget we have an awesome Bike Safety Skills class for kids in the tennis courts and a helmet giveaway.

Check the Facebook Page for more information:

Please walk or ride your bike! The event has free bike valet. If you must drive, please park at Flowery School Please do not park in the DeChene neighborhood.

The Springs Community Farmer’s Market will have a booth at The Springs Festival. Of the many positive developments in the Springs, the market promises to be one of the most popular. The SCFM will begin on July 9 and run for 10 weeks, every Sunday from 4-7pm. There will be music and activities at the markets, but my hope is we support our local farmers so they will keep coming back, year after year. Look for more information in upcoming issue of The Sun.

With all of the activity at Larson Park, I am pleased that the completion of the Central Sonoma Valley Trail sections to access the park will be completed. Thanks to Steve Ehret and the team at Sonoma County Regional Parks for their attention and focus on creating a safe path for the community to access the park and surrounding area.

And finally, congratulations to Seth Dolinsky and the team for successfully remaking the former SV Grange Hall as the Sonoma Springs Community Hall. This effort was herculean and impressive. It took a caring village of donors, volunteers from the SV veterans organizations to SV Rotary, to many others to make this transition a reality. The SSCH will depend on fundraising, memberships, and rentals to thrive, so if you can, please donate, sign up for a membership, and use the hall. It has a beautiful commercial kitchen, though my favorite part of the hall is the original woodwork inside. It truly is an asset for this community. For more information, please visit Seth is yet another Springs resident who is making a difference every day.



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