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Hotel EIR is well flacked, but flawed

Posted on August 3, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A few weeks back another newspaper printed a letter from Steve Page in defense of Mr. Anderson’s hotel (Sonoma Hotel Project) environmental impact report. Steve Page knows all the tricks on how to get a very flawed EIR through the system.

Steve is employed by Bruton Smith, the father of Speedway Children’s Charities, which helps Smith ingratiate his Speedway Motors Raceways into communities like Sonoma. Steve certainly has been an ideal employee for Mr. Smith. Few of our dear citizens know that Steve is paid to curry the favor charities, as well as his other duties.

Former Supervisor Mike Cale was made Grand Marshall as a reward for his support of the 35 million dollar expansion some 17 years ago. Now the public suffers from gridlock and long delays on all highways leading to our Valley because of the raceways flawed EIR. The Raceway is too large to be serviced by two lane roads.

The major issue of traffic was glossed over, just as this is being done for Darius Anderson’s Hotel Project! Both Anderson and Page share much in common they love the term “World Class” and have very different values then those of us who wish to maintain a healthy Sonoma and support values other then an extravagant and unsustainable lifestyle.

I hope our city council will take note and not be intimidated by Mr. Anderson’s powerful presence in not only Sonoma County but in the state of California. He is very well connected politically and economically and could make trouble for those with different values.

Our town has gone well past the tipping point. I agree with the letter, “We have become Disneyland for wine drinkers.” We need to learn to say enough is enough. But will we?

Marilyn Goode, Sonoma


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