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A loving welcome to evacuees at Sonoma Raceway

Posted on October 28, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun
We have seen no coverage of the wonderful and generous work done by Sonoma Raceway during the days of evacuation during the fire emergency. Sonoma Raceway opened their “campground” and hosted about 150 families for about a week. In the field they provided security and porta-potties and distributed truckloads of stuff (water to food to diapers to kids toys) for the many happy campers in their RVs or just sleeping in tents or their cars until they could safely move back home or someplace else.
Additionally, they served three meals a day at the track cafe. Every dinner included a bountiful salad, main course with sides, and sinfull desserts. One night we had individual steaks with sauteed mushrooms, then lemon meringue tarts
for dessert! Breakfast consisted of overstuffed burritos and omelets and more. Their over-the-top welcome was much appreciated. During a stressful time it was great to be loved! THANK YOU to Steve Page and his great crew.
George Weiss and Mary E. Wilcox

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