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Don Sebastiani & Sons get nutty

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun

sebastiani nutsDid you know that before the Sebastiani’s became a legendary wine family, they were slinging artichokes and cabbage in the fields of Sonoma Valley?

Granted, this was quite sometime ago – this is Donny Sebastiani’s great-grandfather, Samuele, we’re talking about. Samuele would eventually start Sonoma Cannery, which produced canned veggies and fruits.

After the Sebastiani name became synonymous with Sonoma Valley wine, Sylvia Sebastiani published her Italian cookbook, Mangiamo! Let’s Eat, in 1977. Her cookbook was an innovator at the time – an early model for  “celebrity” cookbooks in a day and age when Betty Crocker and microwave cookbooks reigned. (The book has an amazing, easy to follow biscotti recipe, by the way!)

Donny’s sister, Mia, started her own food company, Mia’s Kitchen, where she specializes in killer tomato sauces (she even makes a Sriracha Pasta Sauce, which I need to get my hands on) and other products.

So, is it really that weird that Donny would get into the food business? Not at all. Or venture out into other tasty creations outside of wine? Not at all.

In winter, 2016, Don Sebastiani & Sons is launching a dry-roasted nut brand, titled, “U Gottabee Nutz.”

The branding is super cute, with a tiki theme. The nuts include almonds, pistachios, and cashews. The nuts will be on sale around Sonoma Valley and beyond.

And before you make any jokes about Sebastiani’s nuts, they’re also going to be launching a tequila label and a fancy bottled water brand that is infused with wine juice. Can’t wait to taste test that tequila…

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