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We are where we ought to be

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Dear Reader of this small but important Latino corner, I am very pleased to be able once again to share with you my perceptions, in the face of this wave of changes and out-of-control happenings that is pushing me about and leaves me a little directionless, sadly day by day ever farther from unity between two distinct cultures. Ordinary people find themselves carried by that same uncontrollable current called human behavior.

Very sad, not so much; but discontent, not to mention disappointed, not only with some of his directors but even more with his sympathizers, so much so that I don’t even want to recall his name. To the disappointment of many, we are speaking out, we who resist every socio-politico or cultural phenomenon bordering on the absurd, on the

pointless, on solely satisfying people lacking scruples, when it affects anyone who dares to be –or who commits the grave error of existing –in an environment where they are ill-regarded not to mention unwelcome, like a piece that doesn’t fit. To put it more concretely, like little pebbles in the shoe of the pseudo “all-powerful.”

Fear is the common denominator of the coward and the brave; the two opposite faces of the same coin with the sole difference that the coward finds itself dominated and the brave dominate. It is with courage that we nourish ourselves, and we strengthen ourselves, we who give 110% in our work and our activities, we who will not be silent in the face of impunity and injustice, we true believers in God. This is the kind of Latin American that, wherever we turn up, our detractors should think twice before attacking us.

But in no way do we feel untouchable, we are well aware that we are not invulnerable; but neither are we weak in the face of these antisocial storms.

To sum it all up, here you have the Latino community displaying all of its resources and tools to defend this fact: we have been, we are, and we continue to be, in the socioeconomic and cultural system of our two diverse communities, a cog – small in size but fundamentally gigantic.

With this thought I take my leave, my Anglo brothers and sisters. I intend to offend no one, and hold the firm conviction that we are where we ought to be and are doing what we ought to be doing, adapting when possible to necessity, and preparing for a better future for our children and young people who will be the unstoppable machinery moving this grand home of ours that we know as planet earth.




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