Shenanigans of the entitled

Posted on March 15, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I am appalled by the entitled shenanigans our community is being subjected to by the same developers we are all too familiar with by now, the platinum crowd who wish to have things their way or else. The nerve of threatening our city council and planning commissioners with legal action if they do not reverse their position on three monster houses on the flanks of Schocken Hill. Mr. Jasper the developer may feel the need for increased personal income, but is he really thinking of the needs of our community as well?

Sonoma is suffering from a lack of housing for those who wish to stay in our valley not more homes for the wealthy. Has Mr. Jasper seen the interesting pocket housing project in Petaluma where eight small houses are centered around a common area and built in an old farm vernacular in keeping with our towns past agriculture history? Such houses need to vary in price or can be rentals.

We want our developers to think out of the box and not act like our “dear leader Mr, Trump”. I come from a tradition when “Small was Beautiful”. We do not want houses beyond the established 5,000 square foot pads limit as determined by our city council some years ago. We want the beautiful wooded backdrop of Sonoma left alone.

Marilyn Goode, Sonoma

Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA