Vintage Festival picks poster

Posted on June 27, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

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The annual Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival, held each September, is an annual tradition. So is its accompanying poster, artwork chosen from community submissions to best represent local heritage and history.

Jim “Murph” O’Donnell is this year’s winning artist with his poster, “The Last Mission.” He has been a Sonoma resident since 1946.

“We put so much thought and work into the selection of the artwork each year; it is great to be able to share the excitement in a community event like this,” said Maria Toimil, president of Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival. “This year’s poster is beautiful!”

Since 1897, the Vintage Festival has celebrated Sonoma Valley’s harvest, heritage and history of the community. The 121 annual event will be held on Sonoma Plaza September 28-30, 2018






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