Sonoma Teen Services crowns Raceway as 2019 champ

Posted on May 18, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

From left to right: Jere Starks, Jose Martinez (TSS alum), Noe Ramos, Lino Ramos, Eric Brown, Steve Page. 

As Teen Services Sonoma (TSS) approaches its annual Cowboy Cab fundraiser event on June 9, the Sonoma Valley nonprofit has bestowed its 2019 Champion Award on Sonoma Raceway.

“This award is a fitting way for us to acknowledge members of the community who guide, support, and Sonoma Valley teens and young adults acquire work-readiness skills and experiences that empower them to succeed,” said Becky Jo Peterson, Teen Services Sonoma Executive Director. “Sonoma Raceway fits the bill perfectly,”

The Raceway has championed Teen Services for over 10 years, with infrastructure support, guidance, and advice. The track provided expertise in working with outside contractors and architects to remodel the existing space, Peterson said, and “rolled up their sleeves for tasks big and small, and produced a hangout for the teens to congregate after school, do their homework, socialize, bake cookies and pies, etc.”

With the support of Raceway President Steve Page, Vice President Jere Starks, and other Raceway staff, the TSS building remains in good hands.

“Sonoma Raceway has been a loyal and faithful backer of Teen Services, and it is doubtful there would be a Teen Services today without their help in building our home for teens,” said Jean Hopeman, a founder of the organization.

The Raceway has supported Teen Services well beyond its physical infrastructure, she said. It has helped fund the Ready to Work program and hired TSS teens, one of whom (Jose Martinez, above) still works there.

Board Co-Chair Judy Scotchmoor summed it up: “They are always there for us and so it is with gratitude and pride that we recognize Sonoma Raceway as our 2019 TSS Champion.”

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