Sonoma teens: Cooped up and coping

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

How are teens dealing with sheltering in place? The Sun’s Sarah Ford asked these Sonoma Valley High students. 


Bella Magagni (right) with younger sister Victoria

Sheltering in place has been difficult but my family has been very supportive, which has made it easier. We have been going on walks and runs, as well as watching movies and playing darts. Me, personally, I have been keeping up with my school work and doing many art projects, such as tie-dying.

– Bella Magnani


Vanessa and her father

Since we began doing online school it’s been a bit hard to try and adjust to having no actual school. School created a regular routine for me, so not having that made me feel disorganized in a way. Nevertheless, I tried to stay consistent with my schedule. I do my online work and check my emails to be informed if I am receiving emails from my teachers. During the evening I help out my little sister with the homework that she has been given. Lately, we both have been trying new things and spending time with each other. The other day we painted together and then created these bread rolls that are filled with Nutella and strawberries. My dad’s birthday also took place recently and usually for birthdays we go out to eat, but since we’re in social isolation we tried something different. We decided to cook for him and get him a cake to celebrate at home. We passed the time well and watched a movie to end the celebration. Being at home has given me more time to be with my family.  I’m not sure what is to come in the future, but I hope that it all turns out well.

– Vanessa Mondragon


To be honest, I’m pretty used to staying home a lot already, so this lockdown isn’t all that difficult for me! I have been doing some school work online since the school’s closure, and it’s actually kind of convenient now, because I can totally work at my own pace. I’ve also been taking walks around my neighborhood every day, for a little bit of fresh air and exercise.

– Dean Szanyi


I am very fortunate to have a parent who still has a job. I have the luxury of staying at home without worries. So far quarantine has improved my productivity. I usually play piano, as I have a lot of the time. Other times I build puzzles because I find it to be challenging and time consuming. Sometimes I play board games such as Monopoly with my family and it’s really fun. I’ve had time to learn recipes to cook and try new foods. But being cooped up in a house gets kinda’ boring, as it feels cramped. Sometimes I lie in my yard and get a tan. Quarantine for me hasn’t been too much of a change but I’m a little happier having some me time.

– Ulisez-Saiz Tapia


As a 16-year-old high school student, boredom is always around the corner, so finding creative ways to keep myself busy is a task in itself. After homework, doing the dishes, cleaning my room, doing laundry, and feeding my dogs, listening to music, face timing cousins, and reading have served as profitable ways to relax or get my head out of the crisis. I have been using my phone less and less in my everyday life because it is now easier to feel lonely or see negative things. What I hate the most is how fast ad companies have started making content that caters to people at home. Whether that is a pair of leggings that they say will “make you and your butt look amazing!” or a post about losing weight while in quarantine using images of the hulk or supermodels. Staying off social media and keeping a healthy rhythm isn’t always easy but in times like these, I think people have to put their mental and physical health first, so looking ahead doesn’t seem so hard.

– Emily Barmore


I am trying to stay as busy as possible during this pandemic. All the negatives that COVID-19 has caused are obvious, especially for seniors, but unfortunately, this is out of our control so there is no point in being pessimistic. To stay busy I am mostly working out with the little equipment I have in my back yard. I have also signed up for an online course to become a Personal Fitness Trainer, which is forcing me to study! Although I am extremely disappointed I have to miss out on all the senior activities, I am thankful for this time to spend with my family and focus on my health.

– Kaylie Barrera

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