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2020 Guide to Plan A Wedding for Busy Couples

Posted on June 1, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Every one of us has dreamt of our wedding day at some point in our lives. It’s one of the most important events in a person’s life, a symbol of building a life and a family with the person you love. This is the start of a lifetime commitment. This is why it can put you under great duress, the impact and expectation of having a great wedding is very huge. 

Weddings can be really stressful and for some. No matter how calm you think you’ll be, or how simple your plans are, you can still feel the pressure and anxiety from the day you start planning up to the day of the big event.

There are plenty of things to think about — where to start, how much to spend, all the many details. The last thing that you want is to feel very tired and stressed about your wedding, a day that is supposed to be a beautiful thing and the start of a new chapter for you and your partner. 

If you and your partner are a busy couple, staying calm might be a problem since the wedding takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. The funny thing, is we all have 24-hours in a day, but once you start making plans, you enter a whole new dimension of time management. It is not only adjusting your schedule and matching it with your partner, but prioritizing and managing the details. Being busy and planning a wedding is not really a good mix, so here’s a guide on how to plan a wedding for busy couples. 

Get a Wedding Organizer

If you don’t know the meaning of convenience, you will know once you get a wedding organizer. If you don’t know, a wedding organizer can actually do more than being on the wedding day itself. The professionals of Micro Weddings by Run Away with Me will actually plan out the whole wedding for you. You just have to let them know what things you want and how you want it, after that you can leave the details and execution to them. If you and your partner are a super-busy couple, or if you have demanding jobs that require a lot of your time or just a couple who has big dreams for your wedding day, hire a full-time wedding organizer. By doing this, it will be leaking the decision of a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Make a Wedding Planning Timetable

Right from the engagement, every member of your family, your friends, and even your Facebook friends will be wanting to know when your wedding date is. The reality is, you won’t even know the exact wedding date until you make and decide all other things. Things like choosing the venue, food catering, and such can be a big deciding factor in choosing a wedding date. What you want to do first is focus on a range of dates that will work for everything and most importantly for you and your partner. Think about what season you’d prefer, or any themes that you have in mind, any big holidays or family gathering you’d like to avoid conflicting with, and how long you predict you’ll need to plan. With this in mind, make a timetable of the flow of things. 

List Your Priorities

Figure out what you want for your wedding day, this is how to start planning a wedding. List down the most important elements you want to have on your special day. Like if you want to focus on having great food and drinks, or you want to throw a massive after-party with great music and free-flowing drinks. Or you want a quiet and small wedding with just a few touches of your style. Listing this down and breaking them from top tier priority down to middle-tier and low tier priority, this way you can start first with what is the most important for you down to the small details that you want to consider. This will make planning easier for you, and through this, you won’t forget anything. 

Share Tasks and Responsibilities With Your Partner

Whenever it is about the tiniest details of the wedding arrangement, like on the spot decision making or family coordination, you and your partner should share the responsibilities. Many may have said that the groom has or should have it easy, you should not put all of the burden and make the bride decide on everything. Two minds thinking and four hands helping is always better. Planning this together will bind you more than ever, and you can have more time to spend on each other. 

Picking a Theme and a Venue

Prior to choosing your wedding dress or looking for a reception band, or food and cake tasting, check first the most important thing which is picking the style and theme of your dream wedding. This plays a huge role and a big deciding factor on how your wedding will go. If you plan on having a princess style wedding, then you should look for a mansion and choose everything based on it. Flower girl dresses will also be decided accordingly. You can check this long train wedding dress online in Avery Austin.

While you’re picturing your dream wedding, here are some deciding questions to consider: is it big with everyone you know is invited or just a small intimate one, do you want it outdoors or indoor, near your city or away like a destination wedding.

Do you want a modern wedding, classic wedding, romantic wedding, vintage wedding, or an all-out glamorous and fancy one? Or, you will opt for an intimate celebration with simple table decorations using tablecloth linens and white chair covers for weddings?

You can read magazines, look around at social media for inspiration or watch wedding videos, it will help your mind to have more ideas and real content to what you want to happen at your own wedding. Always keep on the lookout for inspiration. After you’ve done all this step, you can easily continue with your next step. Once you choose the theme of wedding, you can also get personalised wedding invites based on the theme from Bride&Groom Direct.

Figure Out Your Wedding Budget

Have a conversation with your partner and both of your families to figure out how much will contribute to your wedding. This is very important as this will affect every detail and decision on how you will plan your wedding and all the purchases you will be making. Prior to doing all the purchases, you should plan out your budget so you know the amount of money you will work into. It can be a little awkward as it is a little uncomfortable conversation to have, but it’s good to get it out of the way the first time so that you have a realistic picture of what you have and what you can spend. 


This is very important if you don’t want to be the stress and falling apart bride, the first rule is, organization. As mentioned in tip number 2, you should make a timetable and spreadsheet. You should also keep track of your essential documents and plans in the cloud that you and your partner, your wedding planner, and your family members can see so they can also add any inputs. This will make everyone be on the same page in planning. You’ll also need to save in there your physical receipts, brochures, and other items from your wedding providers. Make a master checklist and mark it as it is a good way to keep track of your progress. 

Plan the Guest List Thoroughly 

As you think through on who would be on your guest list, you need to consider specific factors. If you already have a decided ceremony or reception place in mind, this will help you decide how many guests it can accommodate. A place can limit your guest list. If you book a small barn, for example, it can be a quality one on one time with each of your guests. But if you book a golf field then you can throw a once in a lifetime party. You have to decide on how many can your place and your budget can accommodate. Always remember that putting more guests on your wedding guest list means higher cost, as catering prices are commonly calculated on a per-head basis. So, aside from picking a location, your budget will have a big influence on how big your guest list is going to be.

Be Sensible and Practical

You might be super pressured because you have so many things to do but yet you have so little time. That is the biggest dilemma in wedding planning. The key to efficient planning is to get the most important thing out of the way first. These include all of the top and crucial priorities like your budget for the wedding, the time, and the place. Once you decide on that, don’t change it anymore,  you should adjust the small things to the big thing and not the other way around. If you can’t afford it or it’s out of your budget don’t think through and deal with it so much because it’s just going to waste your time. You have better things to do with your time than to look for ways to convince each other to change your priorities and choices.

Limit The Wants

Do not waste your time thinking about choices and weighing your other options. Limit what you just want and don’t even need. Maybe you have seen the wedding of your favorite celebrities and you want to copy all of them at your wedding, or you have ten wedding magazines and you want to incorporate all of them into your theme. By doing this you would waste a lot of time and also you will make it harder for you to organize your wedding. Narrowing your choices down to two options and deciding and moving on after is better. Don’t waste any more time than you need to decide on one tiny detail in your wedding, you have a lot of things to spend your time into. 

Manage Your Time

Being a busy and working couple, you already know how it should be done. You have to work effectively and manage your time properly. Limit distractions and always set your priorities. You should apply the same skill set that you have at work on your wedding planning. But most importantly, don’t forget to take a break like a date night once in a while to refresh your mind. 

When everyone thinks of wedding planning, they only think of what the wedding theme is going to be, the decors, wedding dress and all of the glamorous bits. We think of the material and artificial things that will make that one day extra special. However, we tend to forget that the wedding is just the only event to begin a much more important process, which is the marriage. We give time out of our already busy schedules to make preparations for a big and glamorous wedding, and yet we don’t seem to give and allot enough time to prepare ourselves for marriage.

As a busy couple, what is more important is to invest more time in each other. Instead of meeting to talk and complain about the wedding planning stress, go on date nights. Don’t just assume that you already know everything about your partner. Use this time to get to know each other and discover things that you didn’t know. Do something that will make your relationship better, deeper, and stronger. This way you will prepare yourself not just for the wedding but for the marriage and your lifetime together. 


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