Generational PTSD, explained

Posted on July 15, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In my short (and long) lifetime, I and others of my ilk have endured…..

Surviving an unknowing womb of drink and smoke

Crawling under school desks for the A-Bomb

No swimming in pools to avoid polio

Breathing second-hand parental smoke

Having mercury in the fillings for our cavities

Overdosing on penicillin to cure anything

Running behind mosquito fog machines

Suffering too many severe sunburns

Learning propaganda as historical fact

Being shot and killed by the National Guard

Trying to survive the everlasting Vietnam lie

Dodging police water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas

Adjusting to the fickleness of Political Correctness

Understanding that true justice costs too much for most

Watching a National Election being publicly stolen

Mourning the abandonment of the ‘will of the people’

Learning about yellowcake and the LBGTQIA+ wedding cake

Transitioning from helpful skin color to a challenged one

Understanding that forgiveness has lost its cachet

Realizing that all organized religion is utterly a sham

Realizing that no level of government can be trusted

Living like a troglodyte in the comfort of one’s home

Forfeiting the joys of physical touch with others

Saying a sad farewell to the American Dream

…and, if these life-shaping experiences were not destructive enough, we are now faced with a traitorous presidency and an out-of-control plague that may sneak into our homes any day

Is it no wonder that I and my contemporaries are suffering from Generational PTSD?

— Robert C. Demler, Jr., Sonoma


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