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5 Pop Culture Collectibles to add to your collection

Posted on January 20, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

People are generally surrounded by pop culture since the day that they were born. Yet, some people don’t recognize them in their different forms. You can even determine a person’s personality just by looking at how they interact with pop culture. An example of that is listening to a person’s favorite music or watching their favorite movie. Pop culture is widely seen in TV shows, movies, comic back issues, music, video games, clothing, cruise ship models,  and in toys or collectibles available out in the market.

The one way of how people interact with pop culture is through buying pop culture collectibles. You can find different pop culture items available for sale in retail stores and online shops. Stores like Willow Bend sells various kinds of pop culture figures, comics, vintage games, and many more. You can also check some pop culture collectibles online through websites such as Toynk, where you can find a large collection of pop culture toys, merchandise, and collectibles.

Pop culture is widely seen in TV shows, movies, comic back issues, music, video games, clothing, and in toys or collectibles available out in the market.

Examples of these pop culture items are dolls from different TV shows, action figures, vinyl figures, construction toys, LEGO toys, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Star Wars figures. Yoda is one iconic Star Wars character that is very popular. There are famous Yoda quotes that are very inspirational. 

There are tons of available pop culture toys that you can collect, and if you want to start collecting or want to add another piece, read on!

Top 5 pop culture collectibles for your collection:

Funko Pop

First on the list is the different Funko Pop Collectibles. As of today, the market is being dominated by these pop culture collectibles, and there are a variety of toys that you can choose from out of the Funko Pop designs. Collectibles such as the Ghost Rider Metallic Freddy Funko, the warrior princess of the 1980s Master of the Universe spin-off cartoon, and the Mike Wazowski Glow-In-The-Dark Funko pop collectibles. If you want to start collecting pop culture collectibles this 2021, you might want to collect these Funko Pops to start.

Masters of the Universe Origins Panther Action Figure

Master of the Universe is a phenomenal TV show where kids tend to enjoy watching. It has been around since 1987, and during that time, these kinds of shows were still awesome. This is why they turn the TV show characters, Master of the Universe, into pop culture collectibles. Many people buy them, and if you were a fan of this movie back then, you might want to consider collecting them all.

Looking at your pop culture collectibles full of Masters of the Universe figurines will give you a trip back to memory lane, and the nostalgic feeling will give you chills. Collect them and get back into the battle to help He-Man save the universe from the evil villain, Skeletor. The collectible comes with a body that has 12 moveable joints, including the head, neck, jaw, and legs. It comes in a vintage design package that brings back memories.

Mega Man X Force Armor Rising Fire Ver. 1:12 Scale Model Kit

Mega Man is also a famous TV show back then, and many kids have become adults now who are still a fan of this TV show. In recent years, Mega Man became famous once again because the creators turned the Mega Man TV show into a video game. 

This made the fans even more excited, and fans of all generations worldwide love the newly released game. Turning Mega Man into a pop culture collectible was a huge hit in the market, and many people collect different Mega Man figurines. 

The coolest and the most famous Mega Man collectible is the Mega Man x Force Armor Rising Fire Version 1:12 scale model kit. This set will definitely hype up your shelves full of collections because this collectible looks so cool. If you are a fan of Mega Man, then you probably heard one of his special moves, the Plasma Charge Shot. Well, you are going to love this collectible since it comes with the largest and the coolest Plasma Charge Shot effect. Start with this collectible, and it will surely amaze your family and friends.

G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 3 Case

This famous American Hero returns in the 21st century, and fans are getting excited about this. This pop culture collectible comes with Super-articulated action figures bringing G.I Joe and Cobra teams to life. Imagine collecting them all and designing them where you place your collection. You can even remake a scene from the movie and bring them into your house. The G.I. Joe classified series wave 3 cases contain 6 individually packaged action figures, and they are the most adored characters in the G.I. Joe movie.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit

If you have with you a whole bunch of Star Trek fans, then you should buy this Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit. It comes with different trivia challenges covering the first five shows and 10 films of Star Trek. Check which of your friends or family got what it takes to answer and do all the trivia challenges. The pop culture collectible comes with a Shuttlecraft which can be your first collectible in your Star Trek collection.


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