Collect ‘Call’ from Charmian London

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

On September 25, the annual Jack London State Park gala event transports guests back to socialite Charmian London’s roaring twenties heyday.

Charmian’s Wild Call” (a play on the title of Jack London’s book, “The Call of the Wild”) takes guests to the year 1926, ten years after Jack’s passing and during the height of flapper era.  Charmian has invited all her friends – the attendees – to celebrate the best of life with her characteristic sense of fun.

“To me, Charmian is an inspiration – a woman who loved her life, her ‘man mate’ (as she and Jack called each other) and, most especially, the land they called home, said Liz Fisher, gala chair.  “I can assure everyone who answers the call, this event will offer a rich and exciting experience, relishing in both Charmian’s world and the beauty of Jack London State Historical Park.”

The ambient decor and in-period actors will be created by Gregangelo’s Velocity Entertainment, with hands-on direction of former Sonoma Alcalde Marcelo Defreitas.  Perhaps a sighting of Harry Houdini, Charmian’s rumored lover, is in store?

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