Deputies respond to threat at Sonoma Valley Hospital

Posted on July 23, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sheriff and Fire personnel responded Tuesday to unspecified threat against Sonoma Valley Hospital. Details are sketchy, but “no actual threat was realized at the hospital,” according to an SVH statement.

 “A threat was made against the Hospital this Tuesday (July 19, 2022),” said hospital CEO John Hennelly. “We responded by informing local authorities and activating our emergency response protocols. The hospital team responded effectively and Sonoma Sheriff was on site immediately. When notified that there was no longer a threat, we deactivated the response and are back to business as usual.”

 No actual threat was realized at the hospital, he said.

 “We are very grateful for the prompt and supportive response from our partners, Sonoma Sheriff and Sonoma Valley Fire District EMT.”

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