Recommendations for Education posts

Posted on October 17, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I want to share some recommendations with respect to the November 8 election that involves educational positions. 

Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools:  Amie Carter

Amie Carter is the only candidate for the Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools. Her opponent, Brad Coscarelli dropped out of the race due to a health issue. However, Brad’s name will still appear on the ballot. Therefore,  Amie must still secure 50+1 % of the votes in order to win the election. I feel that Amie has the background and experience to be an effective Superintendent of Schools for Sonoma County.

Sonoma Valley Unified School District: Area 2 – Joe Lemas

As the retired Superintendent of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District,  I continue to be interested in our school district. It is important to me as an educator and resident in Sonoma Valley that there be an effective Board of Trustees who will work well together and provide support and guidance to the Superintendent of Schools and staff.

The qualities I feel Joe has include:

  1. Joe is a parent of a regular and special education student. He is involved in the schools that his children attend. 
  2. Joe’s has a background and experience in finance as a banker. He has the knowledge and experience with fiscal issues and budgets.
  3. Joe is committed to representing all schools including our two charter schools: Sonoma Charter School and Woodland Star Charter School. He plans to be informed of all educational programs as a board member, providing support for teachers and other educational staff. 
  4. Joe will be a team player with other Board members, supporting collaboration and mutual respect. 
  5. Joe’s style is one where he carefully listens, has the ability to express his ideas in a thoughtful manner, and is authentic in his approach.

— Marilyn Kelly, Sonoma

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