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A perpetual madness of fear and ignorance

Posted on February 4, 2023 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Again and again, seeming to never end, we fight a civil war for justice and the simple basic right for life and the liberty not to be persecuted because of skin color. If it’s not the color of skin, it’s the choice of religion or beliefs or the gender we’re born with.

There’s no sense to it, no reason, no cause except our ignorance and propensity for hate and violence. We blindly destroy one another, take the lives of millions, of any age, practically anywhere and still, still, we have not learned, if not love, then simple tolerance and respect for all beings. I came into this life at a time when the world was at war, the carnage incomprehensible, from babies to the aged ones none were spared.

From the cauldrons of the camps to the battlefields, cities and nations destroyed. And why? No goddamn reason really. Ignorance, hatred and fear ruled the day and so it continues with us, day after day, year after year and where it ends nobody knows. I contend that at the root of our insane actions, from the Native American genocide to the police murder of Tyre Nichols, for no reason, it is ignorance and the cognizant insistence not to correct it that drives this perpetual madness. The epitaph of humankind?


— Will Shonbrun, Boyes Springs

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